The Police show Bárcenas dozens of photographs of prisoners in search of Interior moles in Soto del Real during Operation Kitchen

Subject the former treasurer of the PP to an exhaustive photographic examination to identify the inmates who he suspects of spying on him in prison during ‘Operation Kitchen’

Archive image of Luis Brcenas.AFP

The Judicial Police has recently exhibited Luis Brcenas dozens of photographs of prisoners from Soto del Real in search of moles from the Ministry of the Interior infiltrated into the Madrid penitentiary during the ‘Operacin Kitchen’.

The investigations have been carried out by the Internal Affairs Unit, which has submitted to the former treasurer of the PP to an exhaustive photographic examination to try to determine if the Government chaired by Mariano Rajoy introduced false inmates to spy on Brcenas in the respect module it was in.

As EL MUNDO has learned, after examining the images provided by the Police for several hours, Brcenas He has clearly identified at least one of the inmates who have been exposed to him. This is one of the people who, always according to his version, dedicated himself to monitoring all his movements and conversations inside the prison.

Likewise, during the practice of these recent proceedings, which have been displayed in a secret piece of the summary of ‘Kitchen’ instructed by the Central Court number 6 of the National Court, has revealed to the investigators that it discovered another inmate operating in a similar manner.

Alerted by his cellmates, Brcenas He has explained to the investigators that this last inmate was dedicated to trying to extract information from him and followed him everywhere. In this case, the former treasurer of the PP has specified that he was able to verify, with the help of other inmates, his identification number in prison to verify his identity and the crimes for which he was deprived of liberty.

When finally getting this numbering, Brcenas has stressed to the Internal Affairs Unit that they discovered that the alleged prisoner was wandering around Soto del Real with the identification of another inmate. But the most striking thing, Brcenas emphasized, was that if the suspected prisoner was white, his identification in Soto del Real corresponds to a colored prisoner. Specifically, “mulatto”, as specified by the former head of the finances of the PP. Throughout his presentation, he added that the inmates who notified him told him verbatim that this prisoner “spelled wood,” in reference to his possible connection with the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Judge Manuel Garca Castelln He has been investigating the espionage of the former PP treasurer in prison for months when he entered preventively after uncovering his hidden fortune in Switzerland and face the leadership of the PP and the then Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

During that period of time, and as this newspaper has revealed, the instructor and the Anticorruption Prosecutor suspect that he was subjected to an illegal espionage inside the prison of Soto del Real at the same time that his family suffered from espionage abroad.

In this sense, Brcenas has been questioned, also in detail, about the appointments he kept with his lawyers, then Javier Gmez de Liao Y Mara Dolores Mrquez de Prado, which approached almost a hundred. In this section, the former senior position popular He indicated that he was subjected to a strange protocol on the part of the Penitentiary Institution officials, which consisted in that he always had to meet with his defense in the same parlor or in the same boardroom. Moreover, he stated that he asked the officials for explanations, who also insistently searched his cell, and that they replied that “for his own good” it was best not to raise objections.

In view of this series of obligations, Brcenas He even ironic before the investigators and said that every time he met with his lawyers, he took the opportunity to send “a greeting to the Minister of the Interior” convinced that their conversations were being illegally intervened.

Researchers are convinced that the ‘Operacin Kitchen’ It therefore extended to the heart of Soto del Real and that has led them to exclusively interrogate the former treasurer on this matter during the last months. Every time the judge Garca Castelln he already concludes that the operation to spy on Brcenas orchestrated by the Interior Ministry was a success, he assumes that the police took “information and documents” from him and even points out that part of the stolen material has not yet seen the light.

The instructor argues that the most important part of what Brcenas hides in his war against the PP is still in the hands of some high-ranking police officers involved, such as the commissioners. Jos Manuel Villarejo Y Enrique Garca Castao.

The latter, former head of the Central Police Operational Support Unit (UCAO), decided more than a year ago to collaborate with the investigation and delivered a copy of the telephone numbers of Brcenas clone your unit without court authorization. At the same time, he admitted to having entered the studio for the restoration of works of art of the former treasurer’s wife, located on General Daz Porlier street in Madrid, in search of sensitive documentation hidden by Brcenas. However, it denies having any type of documentation in its possession corresponding to this operation.

Among the provisional conclusions of the instructor, who has just released the secret about the latest investigations related to this case, it also appears that one of the documentation theft operations took place taking advantage of the “move” that Brcenas made of the professional office he had in the The party’s headquarters, on Gnova Street, which the police officers baptized as “el zulo”, in reference to his wife’s study. In turn, the judge emphasizes that the then Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the Police, Eugenio Pino, was aware of all the details of this police device.

The magistrate also highlights that members of the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police, then headed by the commissioner Marcelino Martn Blas, who is being investigated in this case, approached, also without any judicial order, a friend of the Brcenas family chauffeur, to try to obtain information. Part of the new investigations have focused precisely on identifying the members of this unit to clarify their participation in the plot.

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