You are currently viewing The investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, live |  Vox asks Ayuso to repeal the regional gender laws

The acting president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will foreseeably be invested as regional president this Friday thanks to the support of Vox. In the debate with the parliamentary groups, the deputy of Vox Rocío Monasterio has asked the candidate to repeal the regional gender laws. “Gender laws typical of the most radical left are in force. We are going to ask you to repeal the gender laws. Repeal those laws that defend gender self-determination, violate the presumption of innocence and reverse the burden of proof. ” Monastery has reiterated its vote in favor of Díaz Ayuso: “We said that we would not be an obstacle to make Ayuso president and we will comply. It will not be an abstention, it will be a vote in favor. Today we will make her president for nothing. Then we will negotiate law by law ”.

You can follow the second session of the investiture debate here:

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