See the investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Madrid Assembly

Today the Madrid Assembly celebrates the second and final session of the investiture debate of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. This Thursday, the PP candidate presented her program and it is this Friday when the rest of the groups intervene and the vote is taken. Predictably, Díaz Ayuso will be president already in the first vote thanks to Vox, which offers its support “without any conditions.”

More Madrid, PSOE and Podemos take the stand to refute the candidate for the Presidency of the Community, who yesterday made these 47 announcements:

1. Significant reduction in the number of ministries and the total number of vice presidencies: there will not be.

2. Lowering of IRPF already in 2022. “We are going to reduce the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) by half a percentage point in all sections and it will benefit the lowest incomes.”

3. Help from 500 euros per month per child, from the fifth month of pregnancy and up to the baby’s 2 years of life, to mothers under 30 years of age.

4. Plan from Decarbonization and against climate change with 24 million euros for a pioneering green hydrogen generation plant in Spain and 33 million for the Canal de Isabel II Solar Plan.

5. Construction of the largest electric station in Spain, which will open in the fall in Pozuelo de Alarcón, with 30 charging points.

6. Boadilla del Monte, Parla, Fuenlabrada, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Alcobendas, Getafe and Pozuelo de Alarcón will already have the Green Arch path operational.

7. The Canal de Isabel II Network Plan it is already in tender.

8. Modification of 16 autonomous laws regarding environment and spatial planning. Among them: the Land Law, the Environmental Assessment Law or the new Circular Economy Law.

9. New Law for the Defense of our Autonomy Financial.

10. The hours of Terrace of bars and restaurants so that they can serve breakfast from 8.00 in the morning.

11. The academies of Training Professional online that can take face-to-face final exams in locations other than the training center

12. It will allow to speed up and simplify the installation of panels photovoltaic and recharging points for self-consumption. The requirement for a building license will be eliminated and replaced by a responsible statement.

13. Reduction of the ratio to 20 students in the first year of the second cycle of infantile in the academic year 2022/2023.

14. Implementation of the ME educational and creation of a center specialized in the training of teachers in the Community of Madrid.

15. Meeting in autumn between the best specialists to analyze the problems with the technology from our youths.

16. Extension of the current deduction for rent in the IRPF up to 1,200 euros, 20% more than the current limit, maintaining said deduction until age 40 if there is a situation of unemployment or family obligations.

17. Expansion of the Young Rent Plan with the non-payment of income insurance for up to two years for those under 35 years of age.

18. Direct aid with the program ‘My first home ‘, intended for those who, being solvent, do not have enough savings for the entry, up to 20% of the value of the property, articulating a guarantee or insurance that allows them to access the mortgage.

19. Boost AvalMadrid-25 to grant specific credits for young people.

20. Finance with 20,000 euros each of the 1,000 business projects for youths to be evaluated by an independent jury.

21. Strengthening First Job Program for young.

22. Creation of more places to residences Y day centers and promotion of service checks.

23. Creation of the Unique Social History.

24. Strengthening and expanding the network of Attention Early for the little ones.

25. Strengthening resources for women victims of gender violence, including protection programs through the help of donated dogs, in order to strengthen the self-esteem and freedom of movement of the victims.

26. Plan Vertebra 2021-2025 with 17,000 million euros.

27. Act in 10,500 rehabilitation homes and new construction in urban and rural settings.

28. Reduction prices public 20% of undergraduate studies and 30% of qualifying masters for the 2022-23 academic year.

29. Promotion of Scholarships from Excellence, which recognize the best college students.

30. The expansion of the Metro line 3 construction begins in January 2022.

31. Unify the rates of the zone B3 and the C.

32. Creation of the Basic Network of Cycle Paths of the Community of Madrid, a plan of 137 kilometers for the circulation of bicycles.

33. Convert to Metro of Madrid in one more cultural reference in the region: launch groundbreaking initiatives that, from the Madrid Metro, unite urban culture with classics of dance, music, film, theater or photography, with special sensitivity to the young talent.

34. Promote internationally the brand of own production Channel Creation and convert the Canal Choreographic Center at the epicenter of dance in Spain.

35. Promote the production of contents audiovisual facilitating, among other mechanisms, financial instruments that facilitate international co-productions of Madrid companies, especially with Latin America.

36. Invest 4 million euros in the sector of the videogame and we will create the Madrid Animation-Visual Effects Hub, which will have a training and internship plan for creators of the future, as well as an internationalization plan for the animation and visual effects industry.

37. Start a Tourism development plan that counts among its priorities with the protection of the environment.

38. Starting the Digital Account of the citizen and of the company.

39. We will create a digital campus to improve the digital skills of public employees.

40. Strategy Artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

41. We will begin the works of the City of Justice in this legislature.

42. Throughout 2023, have fully developed the electronic court file throughout the Community of Madrid.

43. Create a new security Department of information and cybersecurity to protect our critical digital infrastructures.

44. Creation of new distinctions of the Community of Madrid to honor the victims of Terrorism.

45. Starting the Regional Public Health Laboratory built in the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal.

46. Suicide Prevention Plan of the Community of Madrid.

47. Approval of new regulations on the aid to die, which includes that citizens can state in the prior instructions document the assumptions and circumstances in which the national law would apply to them. And your will, if that is the case, that the death aid benefit is not applied to you, nor that your representative can request it. As well as that all the health professionals of the Madrid Health Service can exercise the right to conscientious objection in the provision of help to die, and that their confidentiality is guaranteed.


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