Daredevil 19

The crosses with Rey de Negro arrive in the Marvel collections. While Matthew Murdock / Daredevil continues to spend his days in jail, Elektra Natchios continues her work in Hell’s Kitchen. Panini Comics continues to edit one of the series of the moment, which does not relax even with an imposed crossover.

The cold walls of the jail

Daredevil was charged, tried, and jailed. He tried not to leave anything to chance but life is full of surprises and there are things that are not in anyone’s hand. Elektra took her hand of cards and played it her way, with plans that benefit Matt but with others that are still unsettling. While all this happens, a new factor is added to the equation, the arrival in the Land of Knull, the god-king of the symbiotes. His army has taken the streets of La Cocina del Infierno but they have also entered the prison bars.

In parallel, this episode is presented, which jumps between what happens to the original Daredevil and what is happening at the same time with the new substitute. To distinguish some facts from others even better, we find two different cartoonists. While Marco Checchetto continues to expand his fame as a star of the medium by drawing the scenes that take place outside the prison, Mike Hawthorne does the same, bridging the differences, with which they affect a cornered Murdock.

Symbiotes want you

Knull’s henchmen assault has caused many of the planet’s inhabitants to become possessed by these slimy and sentient entities. In most cases they join people without any special abilities, but in others they empower beings who already have extraordinary powers. And it does not matter if you are on one side or the other, one of these symbiotes will take you towards Knull’s side and that is not good news for any of the protagonists. Both Daredevils will have to impose themselves in a compromising situation that will require them to give their best.

Chip Zdarsky shows once again that he can with everything that is thrown at him in this collection, with his own and what Marvel puts in the way. He knows how to take advantage of every element that is made available to him, as if he had guessed it himself. He weaves a double perspective in which he does not neglect the story that he has been telling us while benefiting from the appearance of the crossover. It speaks to us of the value of promises, of the difficulty that changing habits can entail and even of the rebellion of youth that requires tremendous sacrifices.

A will continue to print

Zdarsky already has us used to tremendous cliffhangers, but the one he performs here doubly leaves us with honey on our lips. King in Black continues in the next episode of the collection, so the arc that had started in Daredevil # 25 USA remains a little suspended. What is clear is that with adventures like this it does not matter much having to wait a few months for this saga to be resolved, although Daredevil is not an active part of the main arc that Panini has been publishing independently.

In the next issue, in which we will reach number 20 of the Spanish numbering of Zdarsky’s stage, we will continue with the same format of two cartoonists that we have had in this one. The impatience seizes the reader for having to wait a month to know the resolution of this battle against the symbiotes.

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