Nabilla Benattia: Her son Milann hospitalized, she bursts into tears on social networks

Nabilla and Thomas have just experienced the fear of their lives that night from June 17 to 18, 2021. Their son Milann had to be hospitalized after having stopped breathing during his sleep. Upset, the young mother could not hold back her tears by evoking the drama on Snapchat.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara live The big love since their meeting in 2013, during the filming of Anges 5. Despite ups and downs, the two young people obviously cannot do without each other and the couple seem more in love every day than ever.

Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara ready to get married a second time in a show?
Nabilla and Thomas Vergara @BestImage

On October 11, 2019, they became the happy parents of Milann, a baby boy in excellent health. A birth that fills them with joy and in which they shared most of the key moments with their subscribers.

Unfortunately, during this night of June 17 to 18, 2021, little Milann caused a big fear to his parents, since they had to rush him to the hospital.

“My son couldn’t breathe anymore”

Earlier that night, Nabilla made a story Snapchat and filmed herself with tears in her eyes at the hospital:

We had to go to the hospital because our son couldn’t breathe.

Shortly after receiving somewhat reassuring news, the young mother explained:

There, he is much better, they put him on a respiratory system (…) In fact, he has a respiratory tract infection (…). We found him in the bedroom, he couldn’t breathe.

Devastated as she thought back to this image, Nabilla added, trying to hold back tears:

He was choking because in fact he has an infection and there they took him to the hospital, they gave him a cortisone injection in his leg… And they put him on a breathing apparatus.

Milann in stable condition

Immediately taken care of by the doctors, Milann is now in a stable state. His mother posted a message in which she explained that he contracted ” croup, an acute viral infection of the upper airways« .

This respiratory condition, which interferes with normal breathing, is often seen in children and rarely requires hospitalization. However, Milann’s case seemed much more serious because, as the medical team indicated, “he could have choked, he is so small”.

Screenshot @ Snapchat

It is not known for the moment if Milann will have to remain convalescent in the hospital. But one thing is certain, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, currently in the preparations for their second marriage which should promise to be grandiose, will review their priorities for some time.

Let us wish a speedy recovery to their little boy.

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