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Getting vaccinated also means having the possibility of traveling with greater freedom, but you need the necessary documentation to prove it.

Vaccination progresses and almost all of us have family members who have already been vaccinated completely or with at least one dose. On the one hand, there is carrying out this step and the document that is usually given according to each autonomous community, but also There is the European COVID digital certificate that is really useful for those who want to move over the next few months.

Although this certificate is already being issued, until July 1 it will not become mandatory on the move, according to the OCU. Among its advantages are that it is free, can be obtained in paper or digital format, valid for all territories of the European Union or that the privacy of users is respected.

However, as with any new procedure, there is certain digital divide for those who want to achieve it and sometimes it is necessary to request telephone help in order to obtain it. Fortunately, there are different ways to get a vaccination passport.

The offer of drones is wide and if you want to buy one you must know some technical aspects and about the current legislation that we summarize in this report.

The main way to achieve this is through the page that the Ministry of Health has enabled, although we anticipate that you will need a digital certificate or use [email protected] to show that you are the one who performs the management. We also warn that in this way you can only get a digital passport, but if you want a paper one there are other ways.

In addition to the website of the Ministry of Health, different autonomous communities have enabled their own pages and in the vast majority of them it is possible to get the COVID passport on paper or digitally. Here are the links to some of them, although there are others that do not have the page active yet, so you will have to manage it through the ministry or wait.

In case you have a problem, all these websites have added ways to contact to solve doubts and you have the possibility of approaching the office that corresponds to you to do the paperwork and obtain the European COVID Digital Certificate. Of course, we recommend that you ask for it as soon as possible, they do not usually give it immediately, but a few days later.

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