Criticism 'Elite 4': when the new ones hoard more and sex is already for punishment

The fourth season of ‘Elite’ has already been released worldwide, the worldwide phenomenon with the Spanish Netflix label that has taken a further step in terms of youth fiction because of its way of showing a part of reality without taboos. After the important losses of last season, that is, that of Ester Expósito, Danna Paola, Álvaro Rico, Mina El Hammani and Jorge López, without forgetting the departure of Leïti Sène and Sergio Momo after being part of only the third (and the practically forgotten ones of María Pedraza, Jaime Lorente and Miguel Herrán), Las Encinas, the institute for upper-class students, it continues to harbor conflict.

El Confi TV, the television section of El Confidencial, has had the opportunity to see the first four episodes of the eight that make up this fourth part. Next you have, no spoilers, the keys to the long-awaited return of the attractive and irreverent fiction created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona.

Too much prominence to the new stereotypeds

If there is something that made ‘Elite’ an essential series among the younger audience, it was its characters, but now those who continue in the series seem to have become secondary. The Blanco brothers, that is, Patrick, Ari and Mencía, monopolize a large part of the protagonism, each one of them revolutionizing the plot of the classics that became practically at his feet. Their stories have not gone from less to more or sharing the weight with the rest as happened with Rebeka, Valerio or Cayetana, they have directly arrived sweeping to the point that it seems like you’re watching another series.

New ‘Elite’ characters. (Netflix)

Besides, there is the case of Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg, role that interpreted by the singer Pol Granch, who arrives more slowly and generating that necessary intrigue that makes you want to know more about him even though some of his demands at school are most unlikely. But the brothers arrive too stereotyped (they are the capricious gay, the posh daddy’s girl and the rebellious and free black sheep), knowing from the first moment who they are going for and what their weapons are. It seems that they also have their capes and come to show the why of their actions, but they do not enter in a natural and attractive way in the ‘Elite’ universe.

Original characters ignored

As a consequence of the prominence of the new students, the stories of the rest disappear. The usual characters no longer fly over their own dramas like Ander’s cancer or the loss of Cayetana’s love (the murder of Polo), now their whole world changes with the incorporations, abruptly surrendering to their needs.

‘Elite’: who are the new actors and what happens to the rest of the cast

Victor M. González

It’s a shame but the original characters go aimlessly, aimlessly, they no longer shine as before and on many occasions it seems that they are simply as a claim for the followers who have made ‘Elite’ the social boom that is between the millennial public and generation Z. At least in this half of the season they no longer dazzle or conquer with their own to be.

Omar y Ander. (Netflix)

Sex for punishment and meaningless

Fiction has always been characterized by having a fast pace and not waiting for powerful things to happen, with the sexual relations between the characters being the highest moments in most episodes. Until now, sex between boys was credible and suited their feelings and personalities, But now it is all a ‘here I catch you, here I kill you’, nonsense.

It does not matter the sexuality of the characters, their way of facing the act itself, the love or the principles of each one, you have to have sex for punishment. Homosexual sex, heterosexual sex, sex for money, threesome sex, sex with adults, sex out of spite, record sex … sex, sex and more sex. Well, nothing, perhaps they have believed that one of the ways to maintain the success of ‘Elite’ is sexualizing it as much as possible, something that finally works against.

Several actors from ‘Elite 4’. (Netflix)

Predictable plots

And in the end between so much simple character, so much quick sex and how the plots are raised, everything ends up being more than predictable. There are still twists, but they are not as surprising as before and you only nod when what you already thought was going to happen happens. The great doubt of the season is once again in what has happened to one of the students, with their other questions in the how, who and why, since here we do know that they are all suspects and could have been any.

But it is still an irresistible ‘fast food’

Whoever reaches the fourth season of ‘Elite’ already knows what to expect And even if you have lowered the level, you will still enjoy it. The episodes are seen once again quickly without being boring, therefore its viewing in a marathon will delight its fans all over the planet, but without leaving an excessive mark on its viewers as other similar projects such as’ Euphoria ‘,’ Genera + ion ‘or’ With love, Victor ‘. But of course, ‘Elite’ has never claimed to be anything more than a choral series, inclusive and fun with a touch of intrigue, factors that more or less continues to fulfill.

Trailer of the fourth season of ‘Elite’

This is ‘Elite 4’

A new course begins and with it comes a new director, Benjamin (Diego Martín), one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe willing to redirect the school with a heavy hand. Benjamin He brings with him his three children: Ari, Mencía and Patrick. Three teenagers too used to always having their way, whoever falls, and that, together with a fourth new student – a crown prince named Phillipe– will endanger the union and friendship of veteran students. A clash between the two sides that will end up exploding and causing a tragedy.

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