You are currently viewing “Breakfast TV” (Sat.1): Intimate love question – Karen Heinrichs says what everyone thinks

“Breakfast TV” (Sat.1): Intimate love question – Karen Heinrichs says what everyone thinks

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: These are the moderators

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: These are the moderators

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The other day at Sat.1- “Breakfast TV”: The show editor Lukas Haunerland has once again brought along an interesting study on the subject of love, relationships and dating.

What qualities do singles look for when looking for a partner in different phases of life? While “Breakfast TV”-Moderator Christian Wackert tries the Sat.1-To smear honey around the mouth of the spectators, Karen Heinrichs says exactly what everyone thinks.

“Breakfast TV” (Sat.1): What do young men pay attention to in women? For Karen Heinrichs, the answer is clear

Hot discussions in the early morning on “Breakfast TV”.

Again and again, editor Lukas Haunerland brings the craziest studies to the Sat.1 show. This time it’s about what male and female singles expect from their dating partners in the different age groups. Emotionality or is it just sex? That is the all-important question on Sat.1 “Breakfast TV”.


This is the Sat.1 “Breakfast TV”:

  • The Sat.1 morning magazine has been reporting on current world events, trends and everyday tips since 1987
  • The moderator team consists of Marlene Lufen, Karen Heinrichs, Matthias Killing, Alina Merkau, Christian Wackert and Daniel Boschmann
  • The presenter Jule Gölsdorf has also been featured in Sat.1 magazine since spring 2021
  • The program will be broadcast live from Berlin Monday to Friday from 5.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • There are always prominent guests on the show
  • The news, recipes and the horoscope are also picked up on breakfast television


“For example, what does a young guy between the ages of 16 and 25 look out for in a woman?”, Lukas Haunerland wants to know from the two “Breakfast TV” presenters Karen Heinrichs and Christian Wackert.

“Breasts!” Trumpeted the 47-year-old.

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“I would have said more about character …”, on the other hand, feigns her “Breakfast TV” colleague Christian Wackert. Nice thought – but in fact it is more Karen Heinrichs who hits the nail on the head with her answer.

“Breakfast TV” (Sat.1): Editor makes astonishing statement

As far as human knowledge is concerned, the “Breakfast TV” presenter seems to be a long step ahead of her colleague.

Because, as the study presented by Lukas Haunerland shows, it is more women who seek emotional closeness in their dating partner at a young age and who are more interested in the physical at an advanced age. For men, it’s completely the other way around.


More about “breakfast television”:


“Then the 60-year-old women again fit in with the 25-year-old types”, Haunerland states. “Yes, that is absolutely logical”, the “Breakfast TV” presenter Karen Heinrichs has to admit.

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“Breakfast TV” colleague Vanessa Blumhagen is currently pure love happiness! Only recently, the 43-year-old said “YES”. You can find more details about her wedding here >>>. (mkx)


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