You are currently viewing The grim theory about ‘Finding Nemo’ that has disheartened fans through Tiktok

Since ‘Finding Nemo’ hit theaters in 2003 with the tender story of a clownfish desperately trying to find his son across the ocean, this Disney film has marked the childhood of several generations. Now, several Tiktok users have shocked the followers of this film with a gloomy theory about its meaning.

Several users of the social network, such as Angela Freitag, have made known through their profile their own interpretation of the film: “Nemo doesn’t really exist”. That is the conclusion they have reached after analyzing the 100 minutes that the Pixar film lasts.

In their analysis, they defend that, at the beginning of the film, a barracuda kills the entire family of clownfish and, “when Marlin -the father- wakes up, he imagines that there is only one egg left.” To reinforce their hypothesis, they emphasize that the name they give him, Nemo, means “nobody”.

In addition, they affirm that Marlin goes through all the phases of the existing duel before a loss. So, go through the denial, “when he doesn’t want Nemo to go to school”, and for the ira, “by getting angry when he does something that is beyond his control.”

They argue that then come the negotiation, when he “deals with a forgetful travel companion to try to find his son” -in reference to Dory-, and the despair, upon seeing Nemo “fall down the drain”.

Finally, Marlin reaches the acceptance, realizing the need to “let Nemo go and let him do whatever he wants.”

Another detail they add is that Dory, although she has short-term memory loss, cannot remember Nemo because it does not exist”.

This hypothesis has provoked various reactions among users of the social network. Some consider it plausible, and regret that this revelation has ruined their childhood and they will not be able to see the film again. Others refuse to accept it and argue that the little fish interact with other characters during the tape.


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