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The last image of the Peru vs. Brazil that comes to mind is the match played by the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers in October 2020. That night of 4-2 at the National Stadium, everything ended in a nightmare for the Peruvian team. First by the Chilean referee Julio Bascuñán and second by Neymar. Of these two, only the PSG star will be in the duel for the America’s Cup 2021.

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Neymar always makes the team have a hard time peruvian team. That was evidenced in the Qatar 2022 Qualifying match. Ricardo Gareca you have to take your precautions for the match against Brazil and not make the same mistakes from the last game. Above all, pay close attention to what the skilled attacker can do who has become used to getting more than one green gray hair from us.


They say that the referees have to watch out for the warmest players since they are the ones who receive the most fouls. Inside that list is Neymar. The Brazilian is a very attractive footballer on the field of play. It has a unique ability to dribble opponents with impossible to stop dribbles. He is always in the crosshairs of any fault.

Neymar he plays like he’s on a dance floor and that’s the way he understands football. The Brazilian is happy playing like this. But his movements already mentioned upset all his rivals who decide to stop him with disproportionate fouls that, at times, have cost him more than one injury.

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Neymar spent 14 minutes complaining about fouls so far in the World Cup
Neymar spent 14 minutes complaining about fouls so far in the World Cup

In February of this year, in the match between PSG vs. They fall for the French Cup, Neymar He received several fouls, but one took him out of the game. The Brazilian, at the end of the match, complained about the heavy fouls he received on the field. He also mentioned that he did not understand how people and even journalists celebrated these actions.

“The sadness is great, the pain is immense and the crying is constant. Once again I will stop for a while to stop doing what I love the most in life, which is playing soccer. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my playing style, because I dribble and end up getting hit constantly, I don’t know if the problem is me or what I do on the field … it makes me very sad. It makes me very sad to have to hear a player, coach, commentator (say) ‘he really has to get hit’, ‘he falls’, ‘crying’ ‘spoiled child’ and etc … “, were the words of Neymar.

The star of the brazilian team does not lie. It is true that several times they make a mistake. However, this has led to Neymar start wanting to take advantage of all the shocks you have in the middle of the game. The referees in Europe already know him and almost always realize when ‘Ney’ is faking. On the other hand, in South America, they follow it very carefully.

A great example is the Peru vs. Brazil. Neymar in each collision he shot out as if it were a violent entry. Exaggerated in each entry received and thanks to it, the referee gave two very controversial penalties to the Brazilian team that put them up on the scoreboard.

Neymar responded to harsh criticism for allegedly faking fouls during the World Cup
Neymar responded to harsh criticism for allegedly faking fouls during the World Cup

These actions of Neymar they take their rivals out of the game. All seek to complain to the player and the referee of how exaggerated the Brazilian is, generating deconcentration. Another point to take into account is the weight that ‘Ney’ has when claiming. He is always going to yell at the judges to charge in favor or to draw a card.

Against Peru, he put on the ropes Bascuñán why did you admonish Carlos Zambrano. Neymar is in every decision to annoy the referee. Try to handle matches that way. He knows that his rivals don’t like that.

Neymar and his angry claim


No one can deny that Neymar it is pure magic. The Brazilian every season seeks to improve and evolve his game. In the teams that he was (Santos, Barcelona and PSG) he has always marked the different. This is no stranger to the Brazilian team where he is the most unbalanced player in the system of Tite.

Many believe that Neymar he is just an unbalancing player who loves to face taking advantage of his speed and with a lot of goal. However, the Brazilian is more than that. His greatest gift is his intelligence on the playing field. All the plays made by the former Scratch captain start from there.

Neymar awaits the play from midfield.  It is positioned in that area to have a better overview of the game.
Neymar awaits the play from midfield. It is positioned in that area to have a better overview of the game.
Neymar is not always the first goal option.  Their presence is also used to disrupt the rival defense.
Neymar is not always the first goal option. Their presence is also used to disrupt the rival defense.

It is true that you have an idea that Neymar He is a scorer. And it is. But his role goes beyond scoring goals. At PSG and Brazil plays across the attacking front: at one end and through the middle with a center forward. His great movements allow him the luxury of being in all those areas of the field.

But the highlight of Neymar and what Peru must be very careful about is when it goes back to start the attack plays. Tite’s Brazil usually plays with a 1-4-3-3 where the PSG figure is located at one end. But that’s only for the initial photo because now it has taken a greater role.

Neymar It is the first way of reference to organize the play. Much more focused on the field. From there he organizes and throws excellent passes for the wingers, forward or even he creates walls to reach the rival area with great speed. And it is that Tite’s Brazil has the right players so that ‘Ney’ can get his best version.


Neymar He is not just a player who attacks, with Tite he does a more supportive job in defense. Also, one of the first indications when Brazil does not have the ball is that the striker comes out to press. This is something that does not do it badly since on several occasions he has generated dangerous plays by stealing balls at the start of his rival.

This will undoubtedly be something that Ricardo Gareca you will have to take into account why Peru is a team that likes to go out and play. Brazil sends its three forwards to cover those exits with Neymar to the head. Above all, the first minutes where they put more intensity to the game.

Neymar's movement for the goal

In counterattacks, Neymar it is also vital. Not only for his speed and explosive reaction on the wings or in the middle. Also for the plays he makes with the wings, taking advantage of the projections they make. Also the game associated by his attack partners. They move in such a way that transitions on offense become impressive.

To close the virtues of Neymar, you would have to be very careful with your auctions. That they can be powerful and well placed. The Brazilian at the minimum space takes a good direct shot at goal. His penalties appear to be a fixed score. Pedro Gallese and Peru have to take note of all this. Brazil will go out to enforce their home from the first minute.

In the era Ricardo Gareca, Neymar they have faced Peru four times in official duels (Copa América or Qualifiers). Every time the Brazilian was on the field, he never lost to the Peruvian team. His only loss was in a friendly in 2019 where he entered in the 63rd minute.

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