'People will have to choose between a socialist thief and a barbecue thief,' says Constantino about elections

Statement was given by the commentator during the 3 in 1 program on Thursday, 17, which discussed possible presidential candidacies

Young panCommentator gave his views on the third way in the 2022 elections

Representatives of the main center parties met in Brasilia and concluded that they need to launch an alternative to the extremes of Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) in the presidential election of 2022. In an interview with Young Pan News from Natal, the PT member said that polarization is a worldwide phenomenon and is not restricted to Brazil. Even with the meeting, a name capable of attracting the focus of current trends was not defined. Lula reinforced his intention to run in the next presidential election and said he would be a candidate against Bolsonaro, who, in turn, stated that his affiliation with the Patriot is “halfway there”. In a survey published by Paraná Researches, the two appear technically tied.

During your participation in the program 3 in 1, gives Young pan, this Thursday, the commentator Rodrigo Constantino he said that the so-called third way is not an alternative either from the right or from the centre, pointing out that the people will have to choose between Lula and Bolsonaro in the election. “Polonarist excesses, above all in rhetoric, bother a certain middle class and I understand perfectly. And this middle class is disappointed in a lot of the government and would love to see a right with a lighter footprint. But that is not what presents itself as a third way. It’s not even the center. It’s an attempt to go back to the old scissors strategy, where the PSDB it’s the PT they were disputing as if they were really something between right and left or between big ideological differences, which is not true. As long as there is a threat of the return of the forum in São Paulo, the people will look to those who really offer resistance to it. Who is the antipode of Lula? It’s not Doria, it’s not Mandetta and it’s not Luciano Huck. It’s Bolsonaro. The people are going to have to choose between the socialist thief and the president who is a ‘barbecue man’”, Constantino affirmed.

In addition, the commentator also stated that the third way does not take off because it is formed by ‘toucans’ who line up to the left and try to demonize Bolsonaro and his government with “ridiculous” narratives. “Why doesn’t the third way take off? Why there is no third way. What we are seeing is a bunch of toucans, who are on the left, and who, if they have to go down from the wall, always go down on the left side in the lap of the PT. This whole gang of this ‘left-handed little thing’, as I came to call it, started to demonize President Bolsonaro and his government in a demagogic way. They look like the PSOL or the PT itself. It is not a constructive criticism of specific defects, it is a ridiculous narrative”, said Constantino.

Check out the full edition of the 3 in 1 program this Thursday, 17:

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