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The candidate to revalidate the Presidency of Madrid has truffled her speech with many advertisements while she has vindicated liberalism above “the prohibitions and impositions of the left.”

The candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, at the beginning of the investiture debate.Juan Carlos Hidalgo placeholder imageEFE

The almost two hours of Isabel Daz Ayuso’s inauguration speech have been plagued with multiple announcements to carry out in the remaining two years of the legislature. The candidate for president of the Community of Madrid started hard by attacking the Government of Spain and to Pedro Sánchez, on behalf of the pardons and his partners, but he continued to review what he wants to be the bases of his management from today until the autonomous elections of 2023. After the controversy over his words about the King of Spain, position him as a possible “accomplice” of the pardons, Isabel Daz Ayuso has concluded his address by promising “allegiance to the symbols of the state and to the King Felipe VI“.

Throughout its 29 pages of parliament, Ayuso has claimed the liberalism as the formula for Madrid’s success in the face of “the prohibitions and impositions of the left.” Below, we summarize the 10 highlights of the speech delivered in the renewed Madrid Assembly.

Against Pedro Snchez

Isabel Daz Ayuso began the debate by attacking her favorite target, Pedro Snchez. Placing the Government of Spain at the center of its attacks he won the May 4 elections by a landslide. This Thursday the investiture debate ensuring that the 4-M, the Madrid’s community “It became the first wall where government policies crash.” An Executive, he added, that is “making Spain a broken country, groped by the independentistas”, “economically messed up and fed up with some rulers who live off propaganda and lies.”

Against pardons

Then, the acting president has lashed out at the possible pardon to the leaders of the procs because “It is not only illegal; it is also immoral”. As the leader of the PP has highlighted, the Executive of Spain “has no direction or does not trace more paths than those dictated by the ultra-left, the separatists and the heirs of ETA.”


Ayuso has promised to establish a reduced government as a sign of austerity, of only nine councilors “in front of the 23 ministries” of the Executive of Spain, the Community of Madrid will not have any vice-presidency and nine departments that will include the current 13. The president thus returns to the size of the Executive that Angel Garrido presided over until 2019.

Birth promotion

The most novel announcement of the events this Thursday in the Assembly has been the promise to give aid to 14,500 euros per child to mothers under 30 years of age who have been registered in the Community of Madrid for at least a decade to promote birth rates. Every woman receive 500 euros per month from the fifth month of pregnancy and until the child is two years old. This aid will be compatible with the job of the beneficiaries as long as they earn less than 30,000 euros per year.

Decarbonization plan

Ayuso has promised a “green policy” from liberalism, which “flees from the impositions and prohibitions of the left.” As a star measure to achieve this, the candidate for the investiture has promised to invest 24 million in a green hydrogen generation plant, a reforestation plan and an investment of 33 million to build photovoltaic facilities of the Canal de Isabel II for own consumption.

“The biggest tax cut in history”

As various media have already advanced, Daz Ayuso announced today a reduction of half a point in the autonomous section of personal income tax and an extended rental deduction up to 1,200 euros and up to 40 years for unemployed people. In addition, the approval of a Law of Fiscal Autonomy of the Community of Madrid has advanced that “protects the tax autonomy of the CCAA that the Constitution protects”.

Lowering of the educational ratio and freedom of choice

As EL MUNDO has advanced this Thursday, the leader popular has announced the reduction of the ratio of students per classroom already from the next year to a maximum of 20 children for the Kindergarten classrooms so that it will be progressively expanded in the coming years. Also in education, he has promised the approval of an Educational Freedom Act that will try to stop the so-called Ley This and the extension of the hours of English in Infants within the bilingual education program of Madrid.

Digitization and “digital account”

Ayuso has taken out his chest by boasting that Madrid is “the most digitized region in Europe” and has promised the creation of a personal “digital account” from which each citizen will be able to access all the information available to the public administrations and with the one that will be able to do all kinds of paperwork and formalities.

Lower university fees

The head of the regional Executive has also announced a substantial reduction of 20% in the fees for undergraduate studies and 30% for master’s degrees for the 2022-2023 academic year so that “no student from Madrid is deprived of higher education due to lack of of economic resources “. In addition, he said to continue betting on scholarships, which this year have been more than double (22 million euros) than the previous year.

“Loyalty to King Felipe VI”

After her words about the King of Spain, whom she brought into the controversy of pardons, Isabel Daz Ayuso wanted to end her speech by promising “loyalty to the Constitution, the Statute of Autonomy, the institutions, the symbols of the State and to King Felipe VI “. After her statements sowed confusion and deep unease even within the PP, the president has made no more mention of the head of state in her speech than to pledge loyalty to him.

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