Guadalupe case: investigating possible narco reckoning behind the disappearance

“The only certainty that we handle is that the baby is being held by someone, there is no possibility at this point that it has been lost,” reasons a high source of the investigation into the disappearance in the province of San Luis de Guadalupe Lucero Cialone, from only 5 years old, last seen on Monday afternoon in the provincial capital while playing with her cousins ​​at the door of a relative’s house.

In the last hours, 47 new raids were carried out in different homes but without any firm clue, all were due to calls from people who believed they had seen the girl. Judge Ariel Parrillis is now analyzing the content of the family’s cell phones and is looking with increasing interest at a hypothesis that has reached his ears and is being investigated: a possible settling of accounts linked to drug dealing.

“There is a very relevant person from the girl’s environment who brought this theory to us, this hypothesis that the disappearance would have to do with a drug-related reckoning because one of her closest relatives is an addict. There is not much more detail about it at the moment because it is a matter of research. It is something that came to us, although first of all there is the fact of finding Guadalupe safe and sound. That is the priority and then we will investigate the rest ”, explains a source with access to the file.

As the hours pass and the search becomes more and more desperate, the Justice of San Luis has little and nothing in terms of clues. Nor were they able to produce an accurate reconstruction of the moment when Guadalupe was taken away. The only data in the file, for the moment, are the testimonies of the girl’s cousins ​​who were playing with her and who are the same age. They told that a woman who, as they could, they described as “great” took her away. However, this afternoon testimony will be taken again from other neighbors who live nearby and who may have seen something.

The researchers rely on three pillars to guide the search. On the one hand, the testimonies of relatives, neighbors and friends who provided data regarding possible conflicts or fights that could trigger a kidnapping. “The girl’s family relationships weren’t the best. There were many fights. This does not mean that the disappearance is related, but it is one more piece of information to take into account in the face of uncertainty, just like the narco track, ”explains one of the sources in the case consulted by Infobae.

Secondly, there are the data that the expert reports show to the family’s telephones that were kidnapped on the same Monday and from which the information was already extracted. The researchers believe that analysis of the messages and calls could find some data. Finally, intelligence work is deployed in the search territory. Local and federal police officers are trying to gather intelligence in the hottest areas of the town for crime. “At this point, any data, no matter how minimal, is worth gold,” reason in the San Luis courts.

Judge Parrillis, head of Criminal Court No. 2, spoke at a press conference and warned that Guadalupe could be anywhere in the province: “It may happen that Guadalupe is left somewhere, even in a public space. Be on the lookout for strange movements, if you see a child on the street … It may have been left. Immediately you have to give communication ”.

This Tuesday the Sofía Alert of the Ministry of National Security was activated in order to request the collaboration of citizens to find the whereabouts of Guadalupe, and allow more agents to undertake the search. Around 400 officers, mostly from Regional N ° 1 and N ° 2 of Villa Mercedes, are working with the objective of finding clues about his whereabouts.

In the area of ​​the disappearance there are no security cameras that can provide any kind of image of the possible captor. The correct elements in the file are scarce. Almost 72 hours after the disappearance, despite the judicial and police efforts, the search is carried out practically blind.

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