When three women go further than men in races, even in pain

Last weekend we lived the triumphs of three women in motor competitions winning from you to you to the men. Cristina Gutierrez, Ana Carrasco and Christine Giampaoli They not only achieved important victories, but they did so surrounded by that epic normally attributed to male testosterone. They show that racing is not just a matter of men (or manliness).

Within the world of motor racing, except for very specific specialties where physical strength is a handicap for women, there is no barrier that prevents them from competing in the same category as men. Beyond talent, there is often a prejudice that when things get especially ugly in racing, women lack the capacity for physical and mental suffering to endure pain and fear. Our protagonists demonstrated this weekend that these prejudices are nothing more than that: prejudices.

‘Lady Dakar’

Cristina Gutierrez He was surprising locals and strangers in 2021, not in our country, where his achievements are already becoming well known. Also internationally where she has captured the attention and respect in the world of raids and also of such relevant characters as Lewis Hamilton, who has signed her for his team in the newly created Extreme E series together with the nine-time world Rally champion Sebastian Loeb.

His season started off brilliantly, winning a absolute stage victory at the Dakar Rally, something that had not happened since the time of Jutta Kleinschmidt. His first appearances with Loeb in the Extreme E only confirmed the talent and professionalism of the Spanish rider. Precisely, the faith in his possibilities on the part of the Frenchman was key for RedBull to have Cristina for a complete worldwide program of off-road tests, among which was the Rally of Kazakhstan held this past weekend.

But Cristina Gutierrez not only achieved victory. He did it with epic and great difficulties. In the first 30 kilometers of the stage, -the Burgos woman pointed out-, we had a great impact, but we decided to continue the race, There were still 260 kilometers to go and despite the great pain, we managed to win the race. The bad news is that as soon as I finished I went directly to the hospital and they confirmed the rupture of two vertebrae “. The severity of this type of injury and the terrible pain that even a simple movement of the back supposes were a martyrdom on abrupt terrain with a car at full throttle. But Gutierrez held out to the finish for more than two hundred kilometers in such a state.

Ana Carrasco returns to the top

If someone knows well the problems derived from suffering an injury to the vertebrae, that is precisely Ana Carrasco. The Murcian rider, the first woman in history to achieve a motorcycling world championship, (Supersort 300 category of the year 2018), suffered an ugly fall last year that meant, like Cristina Gutierrez, the fracture of two vertebrae . Let’s not forget that a similar injury is the one that caused the withdrawal of three-time world champion Jorge Lorenzo, aware, as he himself recognized, of how close one can be to a wheelchair in this type of fracture.

The doctors gave Ana the option of being out of competition for almost two years to allow a natural recovery with a corset. The other option was the placement of two plates and six screws that would stay in your body permanently. Finally, the riskiest option remained, the extraction of plates and screws after three months when the bones had solidified. The problem with this last option is the obvious risk of not being able to suffer a similar injury in that area again.

Ana chose the last one, the one that allowed her to return to the slopes as soon as possible. It remained to be seen how he would mentally manage his confidence to go back to riding to the limit on his motorcycle, after such a complicated injury but last Sunday With his final victory in Misano, in Supersport 300, he cleared all kinds of doubts.

Cristina Gz, Canarian talent

Specialist also like Cristina Gutierrez in the All Terrain tests, the Italian settled since she was a child in Fuerteventura His progression in motorsport has not had anything easy, coming from a family completely alien to the world of gasoline, as well as the very remoteness of his island from the main focuses of the competition. However, he was always clear about his passion and what he wanted to dedicate his life to, first going abroad to study mechanical engineering. She would later transform a street Subaru into a rally car herself, with which she achieved her first remarkable results.

The lack of opportunities in Spain led him to emigrar a EE.UU and to gain a foothold in the thriving North American Baja-type event championship, until finally the opportunity arose to return to compete in our country in the Spanish All-Terrain Championship. His talent with mechanics, in addition to his driving skills, have been key to achieving victory in the Baja TT Extremadura in the T1N category, with a car that had many battles on it.

Precisely, his knowledge of mechanics helped him to detect that something was wrong and he was going to run out of power steering. Stopping was no longer an option and even less so when it was close to the triumph in its category of series-derived cars: On the verge of exhaustion from having to perform the last 40km of stage with steely hard steering, the majorera crossed the finish line through tears: “I couldn’t believe it!” Christine commented at the end of the test. “So many times for some things or for others things did not go well, that you get to wonder if everything this effort made sense, but I had to die trying with victory in sight. ”

Christine Giampaoli, on the way to victory in the Baja TT Extremadura

Christine’s victory, like that of Ana Carrasco or Cristina Gutierrez’s, respond with facts to any possible doubt about the capacity of women in disciplines traditionally so associated with the masculine, such as car and motorcycle racing. By planting flags, like these three heroic athletes, women advance unstoppably conquering spaces that were long forbidden to them. It only remains to thank him and hope that his heroic behaviors inspire more and more girls to seek their future in the motor world.

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