The judge of the Court of Instruction number 16 of Madrid has opened proceedings for the call ‘Errejón case’. The controversy jumped at the beginning of June when a 67-year-old man from the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid accused Íñigo Errejón, formerly of Podemos and leader of Más Madrid, of kick him in the stomach in the middle of the night. This is all that is known of the case.

What happened?

According to the complainant, Íñigo Errejón kicked him in the stomach on the night of May 2 in Buenavista street in Madrid. The alleged victim was returning home with her dog after meeting friends at a bar. It was at that moment when he came across the deputy, who was also having a drink in the area.

ADC, the alleged victim, approached the politician to ask for a photo. “I don’t work at this time,” was the answer given by Errejón, according to the complainant. To which he would have replied: “Come on, let me take a picture with you, although I’m one of those who give birth to you on the Internet” m claiming that he already had photos with other politicians.

That is when, according to ADC, Errejón would get angry and give him a strong kick in the belly, leaving him blocked. Given that, the person who was accompanying him called the police, who came to the scene. But when the agents arrived, they did not locate Errejón or his companions in the area, according to police sources.

After that, the complainant went to a health center to be treated since suffers from colon cancer and the kick could have aggravated his condition. After that, he reported to the National Police.

What evidence is there?

In the report that the National Police sent to the Plaza Castilla Courts to investigate the attack figure the medical part of injuries that they did to him at the health center along with the complaint.

Also included the statement of two witnesses, one who accompanied the alleged victim and another alien to her, who would confirm the facts. What’s more, the ADC companion has already asked for Errejón’s resignation due to this attack.

Finally, the report also includes the images of five security cameras of the Madrid City Council that collect the facts. In them, you can see that there was a meeting between the deputy and the neighbor, but it is not appreciated if there was aggression or not. What these images would show is that both Errejón and the alleged victim were skipping the curfew that still prevailed at that time.

What does More Country answer?

More Country denies these accusations. The party maintains that no physical aggression took place and ensures that any official information required of them will be attended to if the time comes.

What does Errejón allege?

Íñigo Errejón himself, at a press conference in Congress, denied that he had kicked the 67-year-old retiree. The deputy wanted to explain the situation and commented that, as a public figure, there are people who ask him for photos “almost always in good spirits”, situations in which he “always” agrees to take the snapshot. But he also stressed that there are “slightly uncomfortable situations” in which the photos are not requested from the “good spirit” and he decides not to do so and that this was precisely the case. So he simply chose, he said, as most would do, to leave.

In addition, the leader of Más País indicated that he maintained the criteria of “do not advertise” these types of “unpleasant” situations, understanding that “unfortunately they are in office.”

What do you think from Podemos?

Although it is no secret that the relationship between Podemos and Más Madrid has been progressively deteriorating, the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero rushed to defend Íñigo Errejón on his Twitter account. The aggression “nobody believes it with two fingers of a forehead,” said Monedero.

At what point is the complaint?

The head of the instruction court number 16 of Madrid, Margarita Valcarce, has opened proceedings for this complaint of aggression against Errejón. The judge will ask the Congress of Deputies to accredit the status of deputy of the leader of Más País before deciding whether or not to investigate the complaint.

Once the information is received, the judge may decide to dismiss the case due to lack of evidence, request new evidence investigators, summon witnesses or invite Errejón himself to testify voluntarily.

In any case, if the Judge decides to investigate you, you will have to request it beforehand with a reasoned writing to the Supreme Court. This is because, Since Íñigo Errejón is gauged due to his status as a deputy, only the Supreme Court could impute him.


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