Ibai Llanos, the second most followed Spanish streamer in the world behind Auronplay, has been banned on Twitch after one of his guests committed an action penalized by the rules of the service, according to the content creator himself on social networks.

Llanos has explained on Twitter that during the broadcast he made of a competition between rappers, one of them showed his ass while doing a rhyme about bald men. Ibai himself has acknowledged that he realized at the time of the consequences that this could have on the platform, but that he could not do anything to prevent it.

The ban implies that Ibai’s channel on Twitch cannot be found and its content cannot be accessed for now. Likewise, the duration of the expulsion has not been confirmed nor is it known for sure how long it will last.

During weekend battles one of the boys showed his ass in a bald rhyme. I desperately yelled a ‘NOOOO’ as he turned around but I couldn’t help it, “explained the content creator on his Twitter account, while indicating that this Twitch punishment will prevent him from interviewing L-Ghent, which he had planned visit the residence of Ibai.

Third ban

For sure, it is unknown how long the ban imposed on Ibai by Twitch will last, although this is not the first time it has happened. On May 14 he was already punished for 3 days, while on June 11 he was also disconnected from Twitch for 24 hours. In today’s case, the punishment began after 00 hours in Spain, already on June 16, so we will have to wait how long it lasts.

About his ban, Ibai explained that “The three times I have been banned have been for three things totally external to me. There is no worth context, people have the power to ban you on Twitch if it comes out of their balls. Be careful who do you invite to your channels with. This is the jungle. Take care “

Llanos himself acknowledges on social media that the moment Twitch rules are violated, he has to assume the consequences, even if they were not directly his fault. However, this type of partial nudity content – as interpreted by Twitch – is not allowed on the platform.

The truth is that on June 12, when the rooster battle took place that ended with the banning of Ibai Llanos, there were already comments from users in which they anticipated the possible punishment of the content creator. As it has happened.

After the El Xokas case

The last big case of Twitch’s punishment of a very popular content creator was Joaquín Domínguez, better known as El Xokas. The Galician streamer who was punished by the platform after showing fragments of the film of Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella, in which you could see completely naked female silhouettes.

After the decision made by the platform in April, the content creator himself was in charge of publishing a video on YouTube, who claimed that “you couldn’t believe that a guy with 20,000 viewers is banned, put an email to see how to control damage and there is no answer. Am I so insignificant that there is no answer? “Domínguez wondered in a video asking Twitch for speed of response.

This lack of feedback has also been expressed by Llanos through social networks, ensuring that “in my last two bans I not only had to comply with all the punishment, but in one of them they put me two more hours by mistake. I have the same power. what a shit “. One way of explaining that Twitch does not make favorable deals among its creators, no matter how popular one is.

In this case, we just have to wait for the Amazon platform to lift the punishment on the popular content creator and Ibai can re-broadcast its popular streams to the whole world.


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