Ibai banned from Twitch for 'a bald man'

The fault of the ban is not with Ibai, but with one of his guests, who made a gesture that is prohibited in the rules of use of Twitch

Ibai Llanos has been banned from Twitch because he escapes from the platform’s divine punishment. If you break one of their rules, it doesn’t matter if you are a new streamer or the most famous in all of Spain, you will be banned.

Why has Ibai been banned from Twitch? Easy. During an interview / competition with a group of rappers, one of them made ‘a bald man’ to give more flavor to his rhymes. As he showed his ass to the camera, because the person responsible for the broadcast has to pay the duck. It is something that Ibai himself realized and that quickly commented that it could take its toll.

he himself has explained on his Twitter account “During weekend battles one of the boys showed his ass in a bald rhyme. He desperately yelled a ‘NOOOO’ as he turned around but I couldn’t help it.” Given his schedule, the Twitch veto has postponed his interview with L-Ghent, with whom he was going to speak this week on his channel.

This does not mean that Ibai will not be able to stream or that his career is over, far from it. You simply will not be able to broadcast on Twitch for an indefinite period of time depending on the severity of the violation and the number of times you have previously broken the rules. On paper, this is Ibai’s third ‘ban’: the first was on May 14 and the second on June 11.

As a warning to other streamers, Llanos has commented on his Twitter that the control of the bans leaves much to be desired. “The three times I have been banned have been for three things totally external to me. There is no context that is worth it, people have the power to ban you on Twitch if it comes out of their balls. Be careful who invites you to your channels. This It’s the jungle. Take care “

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