Five (authentic) Indian restaurants to feast on

Few gastronomies are richer and more varied than the Indian. Exotic aromas, strong flavors and spectacular colors are some of the attractions of this kitchen, amalgamation of different civilizations. Although there are numerous regional differences, they share a basic poster of ingredients: rice, legumes, spices, vegetables and fruits, Larousse Gastronomique dixit. In the capital, there are a good number of representatives traditional or new cuo of this culinary.

Sala de Udaipur.


New restaurant Indian of the 21st century that has just opened its doors on Paseo de la Castellana. Behind this project is the Khazuria Group, a renowned hospitality company – led by Delwar Mozumder – that has been promoting Indian cuisine in Madrid for years and now has five establishments: Bangalore, Purnima, Fathe Pur Y The Fish Man (Unique fusion of Cntabra and India in a sophisticated environment). Any of them could be part of this selection of indian eaters, but for the novelty, we stay with Udaipur, the little brother.

Entering and feeling in India is all one. To this contributes its spectacular interior design: bright colors, prints, velvets, copper, vegetation … and a ceiling of preserved flowers, all, the work of the studio Madrid in Love. In addition, it has two outdoor terraces, decorated in the same line.

Innovation and tradition are present in the dishes of Udaipur.
Innovation and tradition are present in the dishes of Udaipur.

And, since we feel in India, it is time to savor it. His proposal: classic dishes and others with an innovative, creative or fusion touch. We start with the puff pastry sheets stuffed with chicken with spices and stir-fry; prawns cooked with chickpea, spices and served with bread (prawn shana puri) or cheesy aubergines in spiced chickpea flour (bengen cheese pakora). We can continue with chicken curry (for example, from madrs, tikka masala or mango), lamb (cooked with cream, almond, yogurt and spices or in pieces and marinated in slightly spicy spices) and fish (salmon with mango sauce, coconut and mild sauce; emperador with mint with curry sauce and spices), proposals that are accompanied with different flavored and spiced basmati rices. The most creative proposal comes with spinach cheese rolls and with the star of the house, tikka masala croquettes. And, for those who want a total immersion, the tasting menu includes a selection of the best of the menu (45 euros). Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 74. Telephone: 91 563 11 87. It does not close. Average price: 30 euros.

Tandoori Station.
Tandoori Station.

Tandoori Station

Nadeen Siraj -pakistan, son of Indians- has been leading the commanders of this elegant and modern dining room in the Salamanca district, set in a train station. The chef proposes a tasty trip to the Indian subcontinent, always with good raw materials and through the roast meats, pulaos and biryanis (rice dish with meat that he makes like his mother did), aromatic herbs, nuts and sweets. Proposals in which the author’s touch of this is not lacking experienced cook (It has gone through places in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Spain …).

Aromatic and exotic chicken, in Tandoori Station.
Aromatic and exotic chicken, in Tandoori Station.

If you are new to the subject, it is best to bet on the Chetak Express, tasting menu with four seasons. The first, the appetizers, samosas and vegetables coated in chickpea flour. Second, in the tandoor oven, chicken breast in pieces marinated with yogurt, lime, garlic, ginger and aromatic herbs. Third, the selection of curries: chicken, lamb and the smooth and creamy Indian black lentils with a light touch of spices, accompanied by basmati rice with cardamom, cinnamon, starry ans and saffron and Indian bread stuffed with cream cheese. And, as the end of the trip, ice cream and a whipped yogurt cream with mango (32.50 euros). But if you already know the house or prefer to venture, the menu offers a large number of recipes, among them more than thirty curries with chicken, lamb, vegetables and fish and shellfish (for example, emperor marinated in yogurt and aromatic spices and roast of traditional way), with different intensities of spiciness, which can be accompanied by almost a dozen recipes with rice. Address: Jos Ortega y Gasset, 89. Telephone: 91 401 22 28. Closed Sunday nights and Mondays. Average price: 30 euros.

Doli terrace.
Doli terrace.


Tradition. That is the word that dominates the proposal of this dining room which takes its name from the covered sedan chair used in India to take the bride on her wedding day. Since 2019, Singh Sukhwinder and his son Sunn are responsible for this house that bets on the traditional indian cuisine, in general, and the Regin de PunjabIn particular, it is Singh’s homeland for a reason. In the kitchen is Sukhwinder Sr., an experienced chef who has worked at Tandoori Station and Benares in London, among others; in the room, Sukhwinder Jr.

They are both also responsible for the decoration of the premises (velvets, hydraulic tile floor, lattice, vegetation …), which has several spaces: the bar area, the dining room, the outdoor terrace and the indoor garden that has just been inaugurated.

Bread is one of the great protagonists of Doli's menu.
Bread is one of the great protagonists of Doli’s menu.

Starters like samosas and pakoras; tandoor specialties starring chicken, fish and seafood or a long range of curries, some of which are known as salmon goa, made with a mild sauce of coconut milk, tamarind and spices, or the prawns with honey. The dishes have a reduced spiciness, although they can always be ordered in your more authentic fiery version. They have a tasting menu (32.50 euros) and of the day (13.50 euros). Address: Diego de Len, 13. Telephone: 91 027 95 30. It does not close. Average price: 30 euros.

Surya's room.
Surya’s room. SURYA


The concept of this brand, present in Barcelona and Madrid, is not the usual one. It’s about a modern premises and of street inspiration showing Bombay cuisine, the city of cities, whose hectic pace and multicultural aspect fit perfectly with its Madrid location: the area of Callao. The gastronomic proposal of this space, where music, photography or design have great prominence, respira street food.

From the lentil soup with cumin and coriander; the Crispy chicken strips spiced with spicy mayo, yogurt with cucumber, tomato, cumin and a touch of mango or the essential samosas, here empty and round calls.

Curry, and Surya.
Curry, and Surya. SURYA

Why not try the favorite street dish of the Indians: the pani puri, those fried bread balls stuffed with spicy potato puree and black chickpeas served with a mixture of water, cumin and tamarind. If you are into the tandoor touch, a great option is the chickenwhole free-range, marinated for 24 hours, which serves on request or with prior reservation; Or if you prefer to combine the flavors of the Indian oven, the last thing is an assortment to share with onion salad (Mix grill platter). And what would become of an Indian dining room without curry? Here the star is vindaloo, the spiciest, shrimp or chicken, with a touch of green chili and tamarind, accompanied by its perceptive biryani. The offer is completed with different combos. Address: Tudescos, 4. Telephone: 91 254 53 06. Closed on Mondays. Average price: 20 euros.

Welcome to Salaat.
Welcome to Salaat. SWAGAT


Everyone who walks through the gates of this establishment of the Salamanca district, decorated in turquoise and hot pink, is welcome. At least that means the name of this house that founded the restless Shibani Saigal, born in New Delhi and has been 35 to settled in Spain. He started with food delivery, continued with catering and until, finally, he had his own restaurant.

With traditional cuisine as a common thread, Swagat can start with some of its most popular entrees, such as traditional tacos with crusty flour bread stuffed with chicken or mushrooms or the cheese, lentil and rice croquettes with curried tomato chutney and papadoms. Continue with the house specialty, curries, for example, the lamb tikka masala or the madrs, cooked with cardamom and cumin and accompanied by a spicy sauce. Another option comes with the tandoor oven, that go through chicken, lamb and fish, such as salmon fillets with a thick marinade of spices or the mix of chicken tikka, meatballs, lamb sheek kebab and prawns tikka. All accompanied by rice and breads of six types.

Indian tacos, in Swagat.
Indian tacos, in Swagat. SWAGAT

The sweet brooch comes from the hand of the fried milk and flour balls, with syrup of sugar and cardamom. The offer is completed with a tasting menu and also of the day. Address: Nez de Balboa, 29. Telephone: 91 577 95 66. Closed on Sunday nights. Average price: 25-30 euros.

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