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How can 1. FC Köln find a way into the future? The members want to investigate this question at their meeting on Thursday (June 17, 2021, 6 p.m., live ticker on Now ex-President Werner Spinner speaks up in an interview and demands: “FC has to find a balance between tradition and commercialization. To do this, everyone must pull together. “

  • Werner Spinner criticizes the management of 1. FC Cologne
  • Ex-President calls for unity and a search for a middle ground
  • Werner Spinner declares Anthony Modeste’s commitment

Werner Spinner fell over a voice message

Werner Spinner was President of 1. FC Köln from 2012 to 2019, and his tenure covered the last two top 10 placements of the last 25 years. After placing 5th in 2017, things slipped away from him, the Europe frenzy was followed by a sudden crash, in the end he fell through a voice message to his board colleagues Markus Ritterbach and Toni Schumacher.

Now the ex-boss speaks in the Geissblog. In it, the former board member of Bayer AG criticized the increasing commercialization in football. “The television money, international marketing and investors play an increasingly important role, the local roots, the spectators in the stadium and the fan culture play an ever smaller role. In this area of ​​tension, you have to act cleverly and professionally if you want to survive as a traditional club. The second division is full of clubs that didn’t make it. “

Werner Spinner and the secret of FC success

Spinner describes how FC can be successful in the first five years of his presidency: “The secret was that everyone at FC pulled together for five years in a row. Without that it would not have worked. “

Spinner praises the supervisory board and advisory board at the time, and in the direction of the members’ council he says, without naming him: “The amount of people around the FC who want to have a say, who know everything better, who share their position and their understanding of the club with everyone Wanting to enforce funds is simply very big. “

Former President Werner Spinner announced Anthony Modeste’s return at the 70th anniversary of FC on November 17, 2018.

That in the late phase of his presidency, however, serious wrong decisions were made, such as the election of sports director Armin Veh, the sinfully expensive commitment of Anthony Modeste or other long-term player contracts that were concluded well above market value, such as with Marcel Risse, Marco Höger or Timo Horn , Spinner doesn’t talk about that.

He points out that he left a tilled field in the offspring. And to Modeste, whose return he personally announced at the celebration of his 70th birthday, he said: “In autumn 2018 we had to decide in the joint committee whether we would bring back our best striker of the last ten years for free. The sports management had clearly given the go-ahead. Everyone joined in. If something doesn’t work as expected, nobody wants it to have been. “

Carsten Wettich voted against the deal with Anthony Modeste

According to EXPRESS information, however, this is not the truth: Of those who knew the long-term top earner contract in detail, i.e. who could allow themselves a judgment, at least the current candidate for Vice President Carsten Wettich and ex-member council chief Stefan Müller-Römer voted decided against the package, which cost at least 20 million euros.

The contract extension for Marcel Risse in the middle of a cruciate ligament injury explains Spinner with humanity and FC feeling. “When he was seriously injured, it was clear to us that we would not let a well-deserved player down and give him the security, the opportunity and the time to be able to find his way back to his old strength. I would make this decision every time. “

Whether so much compassion is worth a five-year contract with a volume of over 10 million euros, opinions were and are divided.

Spinner calls for a middle ground between tradition and commercialization

For the future, the ex-boss demands: “FC must find a realistic middle ground in the field of tension between commerce and tradition in order to remain the club that we all love and at the same time to establish itself sustainably in the Bundesliga. This requires the finest infrastructure, strong and professional management in all areas and an association in which everyone pulls together and agrees on this middle path, this compromise. At the moment, it has to be said so hard, FC has none of it. “

Spinner: No sale of shares out of economic hardship

However, Spinner does not believe in selling shares in times of economic hardship. However, the ex-president seems to share the plan of the new board of directors to consider buying the stadium to buy the stadium: “My assessment has not changed: If the FC turns to investors for a first-class infrastructure – and only for that Board, it would serve the FC and its tradition more than having to sell itself below value at some point. “

Spinner: No candidacy for the member council of 1. FC Köln

But Spinner no longer wants to get involved with 1. FC Köln. Rumors that he was thinking of running for the membership council in the autumn were decidedly opposed by Spinner to EXPRESS.

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