Why do my legs hurt more in summer?

Leg pain is very common, especially in some people who tend to stand for a long time, have varicose veins or have some other type of problem. However, many people fear the arrival of summer and heat, as these pain symptoms may increase.

The climatic seasons have aspects related to certain pains. For example, in the case of summer, it is necessary to take into account above all the pathologies in which dehydration is relevant, something that can make painful pictures increase.

This is explained by Dr. Luis M. Torres, professor of Anesthesia and president of the Spanish Multidisciplinary Pain Society (SEMDOR), in an interview with InfoSalus, where it ensures that heat produces vasodilation in many people, which leads to hypotension.

“That sometimes exacerbates some pictures of peripheral neuropathic pain or also some problems related to venous ecstasy in the extremities “, Explain.

Equally, humidity is another factor which, together with heat, may have some contribution to increasing pain, although in those cases it is rather the combination of high humidity and heat due to vasodilation and arterial hypotension.

However, other people with pathologies such as osteoarthritis may see pain improved thanks to high temperatures and more frequent bathing in places with cold water, such as swimming pools, although the doctor, in the aforementioned interview, points out that the vasodilation caused by heat can lead to headaches.

Tips to avoid pain during the summer

In this way, the expert gives a series of recommendations to avoid increased leg pain, such as:

  • Avoid possible summer excesses.
  • Hydrate well.
  • Do not exercise in the central hours.
  • Do not expose yourself to the hottest hours of the day.
  • Wear sunglasses and protect your head with a hat or a visor.


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