The Exemption Revolt

You moderate have had a hard time lately. Those who do not wish to vote for Jair Bolsonaro or in Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva end up picking fights with many friends and get angry all the time. Or, if they keep quiet, they swallow family-sized frogs when they read some atrocities posted on social media.

For these political outcasts, every digital ride is a torment. Supporters of Bolsonaro and Lula similarly displease them with biased comments and, often, posting fake news. When these independent voters, even respectfully, show that a particular publication is falsified, they invariably hear fulminating retorts. When there is no escape in the face of complete proof that it is an irrefutable fake, a recurrent phrase is heard: “the source may not be true, but I agree with everything that is written”.

To make matters worse, most of these exemptions (rescuing a term that became fashionable in 2018) do not enthusiastically see any candidate that aligns with the so-called third way. Some are even admirers of names that seem to be off the board in 2022: Sergio Moro and Luciano Huck.

Others are fragmented between Ciro Gomes, João Doria, Tasso Jereissati, Eduardo Leite and Luiz Henrique Mandetta. But there is a sizable portion that awaits the emergence of an alternative name, one that triggers a chain reaction and is able to unite all the moderates.

Let’s face it: if this candidacy has not appeared so far, it is because it will hardly appear from now on. Every now and then, some names are aired and exposed to rain and thunderstorms. That was the case of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, and the president of the Board of Magazine Luiza, Luiza Helena Trajano. In these two cases, the characters were quick to say that they had no interest in running for Planalto.

Will other test balloons appear? Evidently. Can anyone excite the gang at the Center? Maybe, but time is ticking. A truly effective candidacy needs to get in tune with the electorate in advance and build engagement on the internet. It’s no use waiting for election time (an excretion that few people watch) to work out a campaign and its proposals.

The only solution that seems to be possible for the Center is a collective renunciation based on a single name. But there is a gigantic obstacle for this hypothesis to materialize: the candidates’ vanity. It is possible to see Mandetta, Tasso and Leite giving up their personal ambitions to support another name.

But would that happen to Ciro and Doria? Difficultly. These two pre-candidates work with no other hypothesis than the head of the plate. They will stamp their foot until the end and one will end up stealing votes from the other.

Furthermore, Ciro must treat Doria as an enemy and vice versa, even though the two are just competitors. But in both politics and religion, dissent breeds intrigue, hatred and unbridled competition.

A scene from the movie “Brian’s Life” (photo) defines this type of situation well. In the plot, Brian is a simple and peaceful citizen of Jerusalem in AD 33, who is mistaken for the Messiah of the Jewish people. He harbors a hatred for the Romans and resolves to join the Jewish people’s resistance to Caesar. Approaches, at a given time, a group. There is then, the following dialogue between Brian and the leader of the resisters:

– Are you the Jewish People’s Front?

– Fuck you! We are the Judean Popular Front.

After a brief interview, Brian is accepted into the group. At the end of the conversation, they ask if the boy knows who is the greatest enemy of the Judean Popular Front. “The Romans”, answers the beginner. The companions, together, say no. “Who is it then?” he asks. Everyone responds: “The Front of the Jewish People!”

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