Twitter continues to test new features. To make the social network more friendly and free of virtual disputes, it will now allow to “untag” or remove mentions of tweets from other accounts / users that have mentioned them. In this way, it would seek to get rid of the publications that are annoying or not very relevant for those who have an account on this platform.

Dominic Camozzi, Twitter Privacy Designer, shared a thread from his profile where he explains how this new tool would work to untag the tweets that we do not want to be part of. It should be noted that this new tool is still in the testing stage, but this is how they explain its possible operation:

Sometimes you want to talk, and other times you just… don’t. Check out these first few concepts that could help control unwanted attention on Twitter. Feedback is invited (and wanted), especially at this early stage! ‘

“Breaking Yourself Down I want to make it easier to untag a tweet or conversation that you don’t want to participate in. Just choose ‘Unsubscribe from this conversation’ from the more information menu and the link will be removed from your profile.

«Notifications. Going further, if someone you don’t follow mentions you, you will receive a special notification. If the mention is removed from there, the author of the tweet will not be able to mention you again.

«Adjustments. You can also restrict certain accounts from being mentioned. Do you need peace and quiet? Avoid EVERYONE mentioning you for 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. ”

Getting TOO MUCH attention? I want to make it easier to approach that in three ways: 1. Get notified when you get a lot of mentions. 2. Check those tweets. 3. Change the settings to prevent the situation from getting even worse ”.

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Twitter how to remove tags and mentions

In the first instance, it will be possible to “untag” oneself from a conversation that we do not want to be part of with the option ‘Cancel mention of this conversation’. This can be found in the information menu that accompanies the publication and is illustrated by the famous “three dots”. The user will stop appearing in the publication of the tweet and most importantly: the original author of said tweet is not notified about the untag or the suppressed mention.

To ensure the privacy of Twitter users, it is also planned that the social network will send us notifications every time an account that we do NOT follow or DO NOT follow us tags us in a publication. In these cases we can remove the mention of the tweet and, in addition, the original author will not be able to re-tag us in the future.

Finally, it will be possible to restrict user mentions during certain periods: 1, 3 or up to 7 days, to allow us a break from publications or content that we do not want to see.

The idea, then, is to mitigate the bad experiences of Twitter users and cancel the mentions of those tweets that are not of interest to us.

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