The erotic toy industry did not want to be left behind in the ‘green’ revolution and offers a wide range of vegan and sustainable products.

Premium Eco, the first recyclable and sustainable toy, from Womanizer.

Recycling, avoiding wasting water, turning off lights and unnecessary equipment, planting trees, reducing your meat consumption, riding a bicycle or walking are some of the things you can do daily for the planet, but there is something in which for sure you have not fallen and that could also contribute to a more sustainable world and, in addition, to your own placer. Which of the ms?

Erotic toys are becoming more and more common in our relationships, and what better way to get orgasms with products that do not harm the environment. The industry of sex toys has not wanted to be left behind in this revolution verde and offers a wide range of vegan and sustainable products: lubricants, dildos, condoms and even erotic clothing made with vegan leather.

“Sustainable sex toys are the future of the industry,” he says Johanna Rief, director of sexual empowerment of Womanizer.

All the products of the first erotic toy brand that made a clitoral sucker are vegan and, in addition, their Premium Eco is “the world’s first recyclable and sustainable Pleasure Air toy”.

They were looking for an alternative to ABS plastic and they got it with Biolene. “Biolene is a bioplastic made with 70% natural resources, mainly corn starch. The product is the result of two years of research and development. The innovative nature of Biolene makes it slightly more expensive to produce than ABS, as do organic and sustainable packaging. That is why we have done everything possible to limit the price of the eco model and we firmly believe that you cannot put a price on the positive impact it has on supporting the environment. Plus, Premium eco is the same price as our best-selling product: Womanizer Premium, “he adds.

Although there are customers of all ages who are interested in these eco toys, the truth is that they are sold more in the age range between 25 and 35 years. “There is a conscious consumer demand, also when it comes to sex toys, especially among the younger generations,” explains Rief. “With Premium eco, we are taking the first step towards a brighter future verde and we want to challenge the entire sexual wellness industry to rethink its approach, “he concludes.

Spanish brands

A commitment to sustainability shared by other erotic toy brands such as the Spanish one Nuei, “which manufactures entirely in Spain and sells all kinds of erotic and sensory cosmetics, from natural lubricants and flavors, to stimulating balms and heat oils,” he says. Sara Prez, of the marketing and communication department of Lola’s Pleasures.

Also Indiscreet Jewelry, a female-led brand that has a line of BDSM-inspired harnesses and accessories made from vegan leather or Fetish, with a 100% vegan line of accessories.

From Barcelona, Pussybats manufactures dildos of noble wood in an artisanal way, and “all its wooden pieces are obtained in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment”. Y Lubbets, also a Spanish company, “has a whole line of vegan lubricants, based on oil, water and with a heat effect. And, in addition, they use as single-dose containers instead of cans because it is more sustainable.

“There is everything,” he adds Silvia Tvar, from the Marketing department of Vivesexshop, “lubricants, orgasm enhancers, massage gels, ejaculation delay gels aphrodisiac drops. More and more aware people are looking for this type of product. “

When it comes to vegan condoms, some of the most popular brands are: Hex by LELO, RFSU o Confortex. Although many people think that “all condoms are vegan, most of them contain a protein derived from milk called casin to give flexibility to latex. Therefore, it is very important to look at the composition,” says Prez.

Although a few years ago the erotic eco or vegan product was much more expensive and more difficult to find, right now there are many brands that offer similar prices, although Tvar clarifies, “sometimes some are more expensive not because they are vegan but because they are made with better quality materials and ingredients and tend to be more exclusive models”.

As you can see, there is no shortage of proposals for all budgets that produce double satisfaction: personal and environmental.

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