June songs: Bakermat, Noel Gallagher, Ángel Stanich, Karavana, Arlo Parks, Lashormigas ...

We are just a few days away from summer and that, in general, we associate with a beach, long afternoons in the cool, watermelon, festivals, adventures, debauchery … Beautiful things! But the truth is that there are as many summers as people And, after such complicated months, we know that the summer of many people is going to be marked by long hours of work, projects that have had to be postponed, vacations without leaving home or even a certain nostalgia and longing for those close to them. have died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life is full of contrasts, but music is capable of accompanying us in each of those moments and the song lists of Fire and Thumbtacks they aspire to recreate the permanent transition that takes us from euphoria to indignation, from sadness to hope, or from restlessness to relaxation. This month’s songs (the high gospeliano by Bakermat, the Catalan tropicalism of Carlos Sadness and Suu, the guitar rage of Ángel Stanich or the relaxed pop of Noel Gallagher, among others) reflect all this and much more. You can find them, as always, in our playlist Pushpins 2021 from Spotify.

Ain’t Nobody (Bakermat and LaShun Pace)

When a DJ and a Gospel singer come together there is little chance of failure. In this case, the synergy has been produced between the Dutch Bakermat (Lodewijk Fluttert) and the North American LaShun Pace, and the result is an energetic and luminous theme that reminds us of Heavy Cross of Gossip and, including rats, the I will survive. A song that does not stop growing and that should be the song of the summer. We see it clearly.

A season in hell (Ángel Stanich)

With all of you … the song that leaves no head puppet. Angel Stanich sweeps everything. The rock hermit returns with all the possible artillery with which he points out all the barrabasadas that have been lived in this last period … and look at what things have happened: the caceroladas, the ‘manifests’ with the car, Salvini, Enrique Ponce , Galapagar … There are also ballots for the COVID world with the hydrogel, the deniers, the microchip, 5G and Bill Gates. “Under the volcano I wait for you, 5G is not coming, how good!”. To all this, Stanich calls A season in hell and will be part of the EP A Fairly Approximate Global Vision that will see the light in this month of June. A new work with which he maintains the sonorous and lyrical essence of an artist with few hairs on his tongue: a true musical earthquake.

Supervendes (Carles Caselles)

Carles Caselles has been in charge of the indie rock band for 10 years Smoking Souls, a guitar project with lyrics in Valencian that has been quite successful in the Region. But the confinement seems to have marked a turning point in his career because just debuted solo with an amazing EP (The Tributary) in which, together with Sandra Monfort, he moves away – in different directions – from what he had done so far. On If I speak of your eyes, for example, he goes into romantic singer-songwriter mode; in the precious Send a message Y The beauty of risk Bon Iver is appealed; and in Supervendes —Our favorite song, produced by El Hombre Viento— reflects on the contradictions of the artist who wants to reach people without renouncing his principles, but does so with a phrasing (and an orchestral base) reminiscent of the Barrionalists from Los Chikos del Maíz. First Zoo and now this. What is happening in Valencia?

Barcelona Tropical (Carlos Sadness and Suu)

The union of Carlos Sadness and Suu is one of the best things that have happened to us musically in the last year. The singer produced Ventura, the second album by this young woman that we are convinced is going to give a lot to talk about. Now they have come together again to sing together in Catalan and show us a vision of Barcelona that Sadness has been claiming for a long time: that tropical flavor of Barceloneta. In the end, it’s a matter of throwing in a little imagination and trading the hordes of tourists for some papaya and a ukulele. A summer song where they exist.

Portra 400 (Arlo Parks)

In England they describe it as “the voice of their generation” (a generation that speaks openly about mental health and that is no longer heteronormative), but we prefer to say that Arlo Parks has a ROLL because we have been fascinated with his music for two years. We discovered it with the single Super Sad Generation (10th best international song of 2019 for Fire and Thumbtacks), an addictive song that he composed when he was only 17 years old and in which echoes of Kate Tempest, Amy Winehouse, Portishead or The xx resonate. Since then, everything he has released has been brilliant – don’t miss his version of the Creep by Radiohead— and their first album, Collapsed In Sunbeams, it has no waste. In fact, after six months enjoying (in mode repeat) of the elegant flow of temarracos like Eugene, Hurt O Hope, we are still enjoying it from start to finish.

Gypsy fair (Lashormigas)

It is one of our latest discoveries. Despite the fact that his album Rather It came out a few months ago, it is worth listening to this work from top to bottom by a very young Vigo singer-songwriter who has been leaving little pills on the internet since 2015. “Voice songs on oil guitar around themes such as blood, the bus, the university “, says his cover letter and it is that he has themes such as Fine arts, The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow Y Gypsy fair, the one that we highlight in our list of the month. Talk about a romance, or rather idolize, with uA letter that prefers to have to pick up what one has inside because someone has turned it upside down. “Yor I do not want a meek dog that enters the house and does not stir, I want you to remove the objects that I collect. “

My life again (Christina Rosenvinge)

It has been a long time since we saw Christina Rosenvinge acting in a movie and this time she landed the title role in a totally improvised way. Director María Pérez Sanz has created a portrait of Karen Blixen, the author of ‘Out of Africa’, and proposed to the singer to compose the soundtrack. It was then that he realized that Rosenvinge was the Karen he was looking for. The film was premiered a long time ago in the official selection of the XVII Seville European Film Festival and hits theaters this June. This delicate and inspiring song is a good way to get closer to her.

We’re On Our Way Now (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds)

The Gallagher brothers have always made a lot of headlines, but in recent years there has been a lot more talk about their outbursts and the (unlikely) Oasis reunion than about their current musical projects. Something that is not entirely fair because both Liam and Noel have been taking out the odd jewel (surrounded by mediocre songs, that’s true). The older brother, in fact, has just released a compilation (double disc!) With the best he has written in the last decade (and also some failed experiment): Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011 – 2021). By not calling him Greatest HitsIn fact, he has shown quite good sense. But that does not mean that inside we find songs that could have shone in the last Oasis albums (as they already did Gas Panic, Stop Crying Your Heart Out O The Importance Of Being Iddle). The album also includes a couple of unreleased songs and one of them, We’re On Our Way Now, sounds especially nostalgic, nineties and close to the Cast No Shadow which, in its day, was dedicated to his friend Richard Ashcroft, leader The Verve. It’s something.

Loan your loneliness (Gruff Rhys)

Gruffudd Maredudd Bowen Rhys, who would do us the favor of calling himself Gruff Rhys for short, is a Welsh composer who has released a volcano on disk, both graphically and metaphorically. Its titled Seeking New Gods, which comes to mean in Spanish something like looking for new gods. His neo-pop psychedelic is still intact and he takes up a path that, despite not being surprising seeing his previous works (he already has eight albums), is still attractive due to the naturalness of his lyrics and the history behind each one. For example, this new album from also leader of the band Super Furry Animals is a biography of a mountain: “You won’t learn much about the real mountain from listening to this record, but you will feel something, I hope,” he says. From the nineties Hiking In Lightning catchy Loan Your Loneliness, all your work is a joy.

Madrid (Caravan)

Karavana has not yet published his first album but he already managed to get into our list of the best Spanish songs in 2020 with Stokes, a great song that defended the indie world against other more commercial music. Madrid could be the continuation of that song after a year of pandemic: “I need to dance to forget the fucking reality”, They repeat insistently at the end of the topic. As soon as Ayuso hears this song, he turns it into the anthem of the community. Despite the freedom that is breathed in the capital, the band has missed their city a lot and they wanted to capture it in this song that will be part of their first album, which is expected to be released in the fall.

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