He made a penalty goal for history, another beautifully made in the discount and, before all this, another resounding missed. The penalty is for history because Cristiano Ronaldo beat Platini as the top scorer in the history of the European Championship. It is put with 11 goals. Up to the double, Cristiano’s party was being discreet. Although it sounds strange, Morata’s failure in the game against Sweden was overtaken by Cristiano Ronaldo’s in the 43rd minute. The Portuguese star finished up, alone, at an empty goal, a ball centered from the wing. Frustration appeared in an action we are not used to. He does not usually forgive and failed, near the break, in the simplest auction. You just had to push the ball, but it didn’t hit. Worse definition than that of Morata, to the consolation of Spanish fans who do not give credit and some whistle at the forward of the Spanish National Team. He would fix it at the end of the game with the double.

He had to suffer. Cristiano Ronaldo went into halftime regretting the occasion, seriously, worried that he had missed the shot. The game was closed and he was not comfortable. The Hungarians put up an aggressive defensive system, hard on the markings and suffocating. Portugal dominated with a direct game, more vertical and physical than that of Luis Enrique’s Spain, but without definition. This is football. Inspiration also influences the strikers and Cristiano, who is one of the most reliable, could not find the punch.

Luis Enrique is stuck in a garden: he complains about the grass, but not about the lack of goal

Ulises Sánchez-Flor

The game started badly for the Portuguese star. With a scolding to his teammate Diogo Jota for not passing him a ball in an attack action in which he was unmarked within the area. Liverpool forward Jota was selfish. Pacifier The easy thing was to have assisted Cristiano and he decided to do the most complicated. It was only the fifth minute of the game and the Portugal captain started upset with his teammate’s decision. It was not the only one. Diogo Jota had another play in which he was obsessed with defining on his own, very individualistic, having Bruno Fernandes as the best option to pass the ball and finish the play. Another anger for the Liverpool forward, who played as a starter ahead of Joao Felix.

68,000 viewers

Cristiano Ronaldo carried little danger in the first half. Before the garrafal failure in the high shot to empty goal he had a header, in which he measured the jump badly, and finished over the goal. He was caged. Hungary made a hard, physical, shock marking in an intense, crazy game with a deafening atmosphere, vibrant as in times before the pandemic. The match was played in the Puskas Arena stadium in Budapest and had the permission to put in the stands 100% of the capacity. A total of 68,000 spectators in the stands without a mask or safety distance.

In this atmosphere of noise, hot and before an aggressive rival he debuted Cristiano Ronaldo in his fifth participation in a European Championship. Another record for the history of this footballer who had to face in a rough and rocky match due to the defensive intensity of the Hungarians.

Cristiano Ronaldo dribbles past the Hungarian goalkeeper. (Eph)

In the second part, Cristiano went crazy in a controversial play, to vehemently ask the referee for a penalty by a Hungarian defender. He had controlled a ball with his chest inside the area and the ball touched the defender’s hand, close to the body. Neither the referee nor the VAR understood that it was intentional. More desperation from a Cristiano Ronaldo who could not find his opportunities to finish off and generate danger. After this action came the scare with a goal annulled to Hungary for offside. Portugal was incapable of unbalancing the party, of imposing its collective superiority or individual quality.

The coach, Fernando Santos, did not see the opportunity to put on the field to Joao Felix. But luck was on the side of the current European champion. With seven minutes remaining, a shot of Rafael Warrior He hit a Hungarian player and deflected the ball. The goal came. A minute and a half later, with the match broken, Rafa Silva caused a penalty and Cristiano Ronaldo did not miss, who celebrated it with anger and challenging the stands with a threatening gesture (they had sung ‘Cristano, homosexual’). Cristiano Ronaldo reaches the figure of 106 goals with the Portuguese National Team with the double against Hungary.

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