AirPlay 2 support is spreading through third-party accessories at a very good rate. There are many televisions on the market that already offer this option, not counting its availability in speakers and other devices. This means that every time we can emit the sound or image of our iPhone or iPad to more accessories, but what about those that AirPlay will never reach? The answer lies in the Belkin Soundform Connect, which Bring AirPlay 2 to any device in the simplest way.

AirPlay 2 on all speakers with just plugging in a cable

The beauty of the Soundform Connect lies in its simplicity. It is an adapter, just five centimeters wide, that acts as a receiver for the AirPlay signal. We, with our iPhone or iPad, we will broadcast the content to this receiver and the signal will be transmitted through a cable 3.5 mm jack or an optical digital audio output to the device where we want to reproduce the content.

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The design of the device is, in fact, quite simple. And, although in general it is a product that is not designed to be visible, we will appreciate a simple and elegant matte black plastic design. In terms of connectors, it has a USB-C port for power on one side and with the audio output, both optical and jack, on the other. Here it is important to note that we can only use one output at a time, the system is not intended to use both simultaneously.

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The configuration process is very simple. Once the Soundform Connect is plugged in, we simply bring our iPhone to the NFC on the back to add the device to the Home app. Once added to our home, it will appear as one more speaker to which we can send the content that we are playing from any of our devices. We can use it to emit the sound of an Apple TV, an iPhone, a Mac, etc. A really versatile system to, for example, use the piped music in our home.

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Belkin SoundForm Connect AirPlay 2 - Audio Adapter and Receiver for Wireless Playback with Optical Input, Black

Belkin SoundForm Connect AirPlay 2 – Audio Adapter and Receiver for Wireless Playback with Optical Input, Black

Let us bear in mind that the Soundform Connect is capable of managing audio up to 44.1 KHz and up to 16 bits, i.e. standard CD quality. A quality that has to be more than enough for the vast majority of sound equipment on the market, although not enough to handle the recently announced lossless audio from Apple Music.

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However, the truth is that this little accessory is the most interesting. Very much in line with Belkin, offering good solutions to certain specific scenarios with products of good quality and benefits. A device that so quickly allows us to enjoy the audio from our Apple TV on the stereo in the living room or convert almost any speaker into a smart speaker. As easy as plugging in a cord.

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