Ariadna Gil: "Now I recognize as abuse behaviors that were normal before"

The actress returns to the cinema as the protagonist of ‘Solo una vez’, by Guillermo Ros Bordn, a film that wants to be a dissection of sexist violence from the most unexpected place

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Ariadna Gil (Barcelona, ​​1969) He belongs to that class of interpreters who seize his characters without flinching, only aware of the vibration, so to speak, of the gaze. It is not, to understand us, Anna Magnani. Oh yes, but inward. I am not good at imitating anyone nor to transform myself. I understand that creating a character is, above all, a matter of nuance, he says to define himself without actually doing it at all. Ricardo Franco, with whom he worked in 1999 on Tears black, perhaps his best work, long ago maintained that Gil’s secret is none other than the instability that secretes and infects his gaze from the privilege of a disturbingly perfect face.

Now, after a season more attentive to the theater (Vania, for example, with Lex Rigola) that from the cameras, the actress returns from the hand of Only once, the disturbing, intelligent and, above all, timely debut to the direction of Guillermo Ros Bordn. The film, which adapts Marta Buchaca’s play of the same title, encloses in the reduced space of a psychologist’s consultation (her role) a thriller that in turn is drama without renouncing the most obvious social commentary. The issue to be discussed: sexist violence. The first thing that interests me, beyond the argument, is the form. Each of the characters involved, basically three, discover things about themselves that they did not know and that, probably, they did not imagine, Gil says by way of preamble.

What you see on the tape, in effect, is the bright and clear explanation of one of those chapters by force dark that concern us all. The film reflects, the actress continues, a chilling reality. It breaks with the widespread and false idea that abuse only occurs in a certain social stratum, cultural or economic. Her [la protagonista] She is a prepared, smart, intelligent, beautiful woman … She is a completely independent person, she has all kinds of tools and aids at her disposal and, despite this, she is not capable of recognizing herself as a victim of abuse. He says that what struck him most about his interviews with therapists while preparing the role was the extent to which the pattern repeats itself. We only see the figures. But behind every number is a chilling case. And it is difficult to get the idea that what is considered an isolated case next to another presumably isolated case is only the tip of an iceberg that responds to a very precise scheme.

Ariadna Gil is convinced, despite everything, that things are changing. For the better. And she speaks more than anything else as an actress, as an interpreter with a lifetime of filmmaking. I remember when I was starting out, in the 90’s, you got a script behind another where the female characters were there simply to decorate the plot. They were vase women in the strict sense. And it was accepted quite naturally. You see that behind the paper there was absolutely no one. And, of course, it was impossible to even imagine how to do your job, he says and continues: That happened in the cinema, but it was only a reflection of what was happening in all aspects of life.

-Have you ever suffered harassment at work?

-Of course. But exactly like all women my age on and off work. A man goes down the street at night without thinking about anything. That is a situation that a woman does not know about. And you realize that this fact has conditioned your life, whether something happened to you or not. What is happening at this moment is that now you realize and recognize as abuse behaviors that were previously part of the set. That they look at you or tell you, I don’t know what is not part of normality, nor of life. And realizing something so simple is very important. It is important, of course, for the one who suffers it, but also for the one who exercises it. These are harmful behaviors that put women in a vulnerable position.

It is clear.

That said, Ariadna Gil is convinced that cinema is there for what it is: to tell stories, to move … The value of a film is what it is and has to be judged by what it is worth from a point of view. cinematic view, precise, stops for a second and even corrects: Now, everything that serves to eradicate abuse and raise awareness of abuse, is well. Accurate Not being upset.

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