The cameras that have been integrated into Macs in recent years have been the subject of criticism more than once, although fortunately it is something that we are beginning to see resolved in the most recent models. However, we always have those Mac mini or Mac Pro without a camera that force us to depend on a third-party webcam to be able to make video conferences or broadcasts.

Today we are going to test one of these webcams, the Anker PowerConf C300, ready to fit on any Mac promising HDR quality and 60fps in its image. That promise is fulfilled, but with some nuances.

Anker PowerConf C300, technical characteristics and design

anker powerconf c300


2 MP, CMOS (1/2,7″)

field of view



Dimmable up to 1080p and 60fps

Focus range

3 meters, autofocus

focus distance

15 centimeters to 3 meters


Dual, with automatic noise cancellation and gain control, audio pickup distance up to 3 meters

video codec



USB-C (includes adapter to USB-A)


Display grip and plastic cap included


129.99 euros in Amazon

Anker PowerConf C300 Webcam 1080p Full HD, Video Conferencing and Streaming Modes, Autofocus and AI Framing, Noise Canceling Microphones, HDR, Low Light Correction, Certified for Zoom

Anker PowerConf C300 Webcam 1080p Full HD, Video Conferencing and Streaming Modes, Autofocus and AI Framing, Noise Canceling Microphones, HDR, Low Light Correction, Certified for Zoom

Anker Powerconf C300

The Anker PowerConf C300 camera takes on the look that all mid- and high-end webcams use: flattened and horizontal, with dimensions that seem quite large if you are not used to using large lenses on a webcam but are not after all. matter.

The finishes are made of glossy plastic, and the USB-C connection is located in an easily locatable hole on the back. It is appreciated, by the way, that the cable can be replaced in case it breaks us. Other options have the cable attached to the camera without the possibility of disconnecting it, so that any problem with that cable would force us to change the entire camera. This is not the case with the PowerConf C300. Nor is the detail of including an adapter bad for those who still do not use the USB-C ports.

Anker Powerconf C300 Threaded Tripod

We can screw the PowerConf C300 on a tripod if we want to use it in other places than on top of our monitors.

As for the grip to hold it to the monitors, we have the typical support to support it on the top of the screens without the need to screw or fit anything. The camera’s own weight already makes it well positioned and we can regulate its angle both vertically and horizontally. And if we want to place it somewhere else, we have the universal thread to use it on any tripod.

Optional software, but highly recommended

Ankerwork firmware

Updating the camera firmware is almost effortless with the AnkerWork app.

At the operational level, the insulation is practically nil. Connecting the camera to our Macs already makes the computer recognizes it automatically, without having to do anything more to be able to use it in applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, Streamlabs OBS, Skype, FaceTime or QuickTime.

Now, if we want to get the most out of the possibilities of the camera we have to install the software AnkerWork (not yet optimized for the M1 chip but fully compatible thanks to Rosetta 2), compatible with macOS Mojave and later and free to download from its official website. Sharpen English, because its interface is not translated into Spanish.

This application allows us customize camera viewing angle between three fixed positions or an automatic angle that will vary depending on where we position ourselves. We can also modify values ​​such as saturation, contrast, fps (between 30 or 60) or brightness; or invert the image horizontally (goodbye to the mirror effect) and activate its HDR profile. AnkerWork also takes care of updating the camera’s firmware automatically and transparently, without requiring more effort than clicking and waiting a few moments.

Picture: Good HDR and autofocus, but definition in low light may improve

I don’t have an HDR screen on my work desk, but still you notice an improvement in the colors if I activate that profile. The price to pay is that said HDR profile is only capable of working at 30fps, and it is deactivated if we change to 60fps:

Anker Powerconf C300 Hdr Si

Here a server with the HDR profile of the Anker PowerConf C300 activated …

Anker Powerconf C300 Hdr No

… and the same shot with HDR turned off. Here I can work at 60fps, but the colors are less vivid.

I have nothing to say about camera focusIt is one of the best I have seen and does not force me to make any movement or put my hand to react if I have changed position. There are no complaints about audio quality either – obviously a dedicated mic will improve that quality a lot, but the PowerConf C300’s built-in microphones are more than decent.

At the level of image quality, focusing on definition, the Anker PowerConf he passes but does not get a very high grade. It’s certainly a better picture than many Macs’ FaceTime 720p camera can get, but I’ve seen better definitions in alternatives like the Logitech Streamcam. It is especially noticeable in night environments, with low lighting:

Anker Powerconf C300 Night

The definition of the PowerConf C300 lags a bit behind in nighttime settings. You can see the image in original quality by opening it in a new tab or downloading it to your device.

The good news is that by regulating the levels of color, contrast and saturation you can improve it, although that already requires some knowledge about image editing.

Which webcam to buy: recommendations to get it right based on usage and nine featured models for video calls and streaming

The conclusions that we can draw from this Anker PowerConf C300 is that it is a suitable camera for those who want to improve the image of the built-in camera of their Mac and have the option to modify the color attributes manually with a lot of flexibility. It is also a good camera for anyone who wants to have a wide angle of view with its 115º of field.

Who wants higher definition then I would recommend other higher end alternatives. I already warn, yes, that then the price will rise more than the 129.99 euros that this camera costs.

This product has been released for testing by Anker. You can check our policy of relations with companies.

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