While the party of the Greens is presented as a candidate for everything in the next German elections, in Spain alliances between formations are deployed to try to attract the votes most committed to the environment.

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Updated Tuesday, June 15, 2021 –

Within the European ParliamentToday, the environmental group represents just over 10% of MEPs, with 73 out of 705 coming from 17 different countries. This figure stands at ‘green group‘as the fifth force of the European hemicycle. Two delegations stand out internally: the German with 25 elected candidates, followed by the French Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) with 13 parliamentary seats.

The green color dominates in the Nordic countries and more rich of Europe, states the political scientist Juan Rodrguez Teruel. “In these countries there is an anti-system culture, because they have already overcome various difficulties and have a richer economy. This is not really the case in the rest of Europe and Spain,” he pointed out in conversation with EL MUNDO.

Germany was a pioneer in this area with the party of origin ‘Alliance 90 the Greens‘. The group emerged in the midst of the Cold War and the debate over nuclear use. His initial vocation was to answer the ‘establishment‘and form a counterpower based on ecology that escapes traditional politics. Today the party has shown that it is capable of integrating into coalitions to raise your influence.

Incarnated by the figure of Analena Baerbock, Greens prepare for the ‘post-Merkel’ era. The group counts as one of the favorite candidates in the race for chancellor against Angela Merkel’s dauphin, Armin Laschet. Part of its success lies in imposing itself as an alternative to the classical parties above the traditional left-right division, which is an example for other European groups trying to create a niche at the national level.

Incipient movement in Spain

In Spain there is a clear will to follow in the footsteps of their German comrades and there are several political formations that are fighting for the ‘green flag’. The match of Iigo Errejn, Ms No, Y Verdi-horse They form a coalition in the Congress of Deputies that tries to implement this idea of ​​a green political party.

The federal co-spokesperson and co-founder of Verdes Equo, Florent Marcellesi, a former MEP with the Greens in the European Parliament, is convinced that there is already a ola verde throughout Europe, and that we are witnessing an ecological discourse that was strengthened with the arrival of the pandemic.

“During the past 4-M we have seen the creation of a ‘green space’ in the country. Faced with a social democracy in crisis, we are able to occupy a space similar to the one it occupies Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV) in France “assures Marcellesi. He insists on the fact that the green square at national and European level reaches historic levels, and believes that this position will even be reinforced by the boost of European funds dedicated to this field and of European Green Deal (Green Deal) from Brussels. In his opinion, Spain is not going to be left behind.

The political scientist Jun Rodriguez is wiser about the success of the greens here in Spain. Take the example of France, and explain that it is not something that can be considered in the short term. It could happen if, as in France, the environmental party replaces the Socialist Party (PS) in the event of a deep crisis of left-wing voters. “We can suppose that in this case they will see a possible change to renew the vision of the socialists thanks to ecology” assures the political scientist.

On the subject of the coalition between Ms No Y horse Verdes, Juan Rodriguez sees this alliance as a window to strengthen the idea of ​​a fully-fledged green party, but in his opinion Fair it does not contribute enough to the political plan.

Proposing an alternative to left politics is one of the challenges of the new coalition between Green Alliance Y United we can. On June 10, Juantxo Lpez Uralde, former member of the Equo party and president of the Ecological Transition Commission announced the project to achieve sustainable prosperity while reducing inequalities.

Green alliance It is presented as the new ecologist branch of the party of Pablo Iglesias. Juantxo Lpez Uralde justified the decision saying that the space of Podemos is “majority on the left.” According to the explanations given, this coalition will allow the development of a “federal formation“with an environmental policy throughout the country.

For its part, Franco Delle Donne, who worked as a communications advisor on campaigns in Germany and in the Berlin Parliament, highlights that the education and the culture of the Spaniards is very different from the one implemented in Germany: “The problem in Spain is the political and environmental culture of the population. It is very different from what exists in Germany, based on respect for the planet.”

The key to the rise of ‘green matches‘It is about overcoming that left-right division and managing to bring together citizens who are aware of the planet. Within the member countries of the EU, the right, even the extreme right, have recovered the green parties, after feeling their importance at the local level. This is the case of Marine Le Pen in France. “Although the general trend of the green parties is historically related to the parties of the left, it has changed direction and made alliances with the right. Ms No who has a leftist leader, it is a challenge to see how he could collaborate with the PP for example “explains Juan Rodriguez.

In the short term, Spain seems concerned by this green wave but without a frank commitment. The dominant political parties are gradually including in their program a green offer to comply with the pressure of public opinion on this issue. The leaders of this green policy are located in northern Europe and have a high standard of living, which allows them to act in other cross-cutting areas.

The Greens may be an alternative in the representation crisis who know several European countries taking advantage of the climate of disappointment that many voters drag with respect to the traditional political forces. The german elections September are going to be closely watched across Europe and I could anticipate a ola verde progressing faster than anticipated.

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