This is the pact that 'forces' the change of hands in the Mayor's Office of Güímar

On June 16, 2019 the socialist Airam Gate (40 years) was sworn in as mayor of Güímar, a baton that he will have to give up, two years later, to the nationalist Gustavo Perez, after the resignation that must take place tomorrow.

The socialist received the five votes of his party, the four of CC and that of Sí se Podemos, although this party did not enter the local government, while the councilors of the PP (the most voted force) and the mayor of Ciudadanos opposed.

The agreement materialized the night before despite the fact that superior bodies of the CC opted for their councilors to promote the investiture of the PP candidate, Luisa Castro, with whom they had governed since May 2013, after a motion of censure against the socialist Rafael Yanes of his popular partner.

The pact between socialists and nationalists in GüímarTo jointly govern the City Council in the 2019-2003 term, it has these clauses:
First.- Priority General Objectives: articulate an adequate system of conservation and maintenance of the Güímar Industrial Park, listening to all parties. The bidding of contracts for water, garbage, gardens and the rest of maintenance services will be prioritized, in addition to job creation. The agricultural activity and the commercialization of the local product will be promoted. Updating the General Management Plan (PGO). It will bet on local cultural and sports talent and their values. Encouraging the participation of the residents of Güímar in the development of government work and decision-making, prioritizing listening to them and insisting on respect and good manners as a roadmap in the development of municipal work for part of the different groups.

Second.- The Mayor’s Office of Güímar will be shared, during the mandate, by both political forces, at a rate of two years each. During the biennium June 2019 to June 2021, the PSOE will hold the Mayor’s Office of Güímar. During the two-year period June 2021 to June 2023, the Mayor’s Office of Güímar will hold the CC and the distribution of areas will be as follows: CC will be responsible for the areas of: Commerce, Tourism, Local Development, Citizen Participation, Municipal Works and Services, Culture , Canarian Identity, Agriculture and Equality. The PSOE: Economy and Finance, Urban Planning, Social Services, Sports, Police and Citizen Security, Health and Environment, Human Resources, Parties and Protocol, Heritage, Transport, Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) and Communication and Advertising.

Pérez: “The pact is fulfilled”

Gustavo Pérez is not clear: “The pact is fulfilled.” Airam Puerta has also said it, but with a small mouth, when he has spoken, before hiding from the press these last days. Perhaps, in order not to leave his party (PSOE) in a bad place, which has asked him, from the Insular, not to comply with the agreement and govern with external support, for example from the PP, even at the cost of him leaving the City Council for a position in the Government of the Canary Islands and leave another socialist at the head of the Mayor’s Office. Yes it can, which will also make a change of councilor in the ordinary plenary session on the 24th by agreement with its ally Izquierda Unida (Nayra Caraballero for Ruyman Expósito) and Ciudadanos (Raquel Díaz) affirm that they have not received any proposal for a new local government .

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