The pain behind the femicide of Pilar Riesco

The investigation into the femicide of Pilar Riesco continues. Who was his partner, Patricio Reynoso, was finally arrested for the alleged perpetrator of the crime, after being a fugitive for more than two months. Reynoso was investigated and reiterated his innocence and insists that it was a suicide.

Reynoso is accused of “homicide doubly qualified by the link and for having mediated gender violence” by Riesco. He is accused of having beaten and thrown the young woman from the balcony. “That Sunday my boyfriend called me and said ‘Friend, Pilar jumped off the balcony’. He did not speak to me, he only repeated that Pilar had thrown himself […] I did not believe him. Fortunately, her mother Adriana carried the case on her shoulder and studied it herself. If it weren’t for her, the cause wouldn’t have advanced”Says her friend Lara Sol Roncallo. For her part, another friend, Agustina Poggi Vilas, said: “It hurts us that the femicide is loose. Justice did not act as it had to act. Why did the mother take charge instead of grieving properly?”.

“On two occasions he told me that Patricio had hit him and left marks on him. For other girls who are going through something similar, you have to report. Because there is a record left“Roncallo said. The pain behind the femicide of Pilar Riesco

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