The changes that Google prepares to restrict what it shows to user searches

Google wants to cut access to the “slander” websites and plans to create a list of people who have been victims of slander on the Internet

These are major changes to the operation of the search engine

Google has announced that it has plans to change its algorithms to prevent slander websites from appearing when searching for an individual’s name, as these pages are dedicated to spreading accusations that later appear in search results. without checking if the information is true or not.

Search Quality Team Leader Pandu Nayak and Google Vice President of Trust and Security David Graff have announced their intentions in response to a New York Times report, which has indicated that the recent creation of an list of “known victims” slander, a system that works when a victim reports attacks by these routes, can help solve the problem.

The leaders have stated that they have plans to change the search algorithm so that pages like and will no longer appear in the search results list in the future. In many cases, these pages ask victims for certain amounts of money to remove the content, whose information, in addition, appears in the first positions of the searches.

As Nayak and Graff put it, when a user asks for a post to be removed because they are blackmailed with money to remove it, Google uses a new method where it includes the person in a list of “known victims”. In these cases, Google tries to remove from searches any content of the same nature that includes your name.

Victims can ask Google to remove their information because it is on a website where “exploitative removal practices are carried out” or “doxxing“, that is, content that displays” contact information “to harm them, according to informs the Google support website.

You can also request the removal of web pages that expose “false pornography published without consent”, “financial, medical and national identification information” or “iExplicit or intimate personal pictures not consented to“.

The aforementioned medium has assured that it has carried out tests with 47,000 people who had appeared on slander websites and that, with the current changes produced by the “known victims” system, many of the results and images of individuals have already disappeared the first page of Google results.

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