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The membership of the PSOE-A is summoned this Sunday, June 13, to participate in primary elections that the Andalusian socialist federation has summoned to choose between Susana Díaz, Juan Espadas – who start as favorites – and Luis Ángel Hierro their next candidate for the Junta in the following Andalusian elections, initially scheduled for the end of 2022. If neither of them harvest more than 50% of the votes, there will be a second round on June 20.

In these primary elections a total of 45,374 militants of the PSOE-A and Socialist Youth of Andalusia, with the following provincial distribution: Almería, 4,494; Cadiz, 4,839; Cordoba, 3,716; Granada, 6,156; Huelva, 4,080; Jaén, 6,312; Malaga, 6,235; and Seville, 9,542.

Holding these primary elections has been advanced with respect to the initially planned date, without the next Andalusian regional elections having been called, after the Regional Executive Commission of the PSOE-A requested, unanimously and at the request of the Secretary General, Susana Díaz, on May 6, to the federal leadership to activate the process in accordance with the terms and procedures established by the federal statutes of the PSOE.

At a press conference, Susana Díaz justified this request to advance the primaries as an exercise of “responsibility” and to stop an internal debate that was “eroding the image” of the party in Andalusia, as argued hours before the meeting of the Federal Executive Commission that the president of the Government and secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, had called for that same May 6 in the afternoon, which gave the green light to the request of the regional leadership of the PSOE-A.

The advancement of the primaries of the PSOE-A was thus validated only two days after the elections to the Community of Madrid that were settled with a comfortable victory for the PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and a setback for the PSOE, which went from first to third force in the Madrid Assembly. The supporters of advancing this internal process of the Andalusian socialists argued in the previous weeks that it was necessary for the PSOE-A to already have a nominee for the Junta in the face of a possible electoral advance in Andalusia in a surprising way, such as the one that the popular president of Madrid decreed in said community last March.

The candidates

In addition to Susana Díaz, who aspires to repeat as a socialist candidate to the Board, as she was already in the 2015 and 2018 elections, the mayor of Seville is opting for these primaries, Juan Espadas, and the professor of Economics at the University of Seville and former deputy Luis Angel Hierro.

During the information campaign to the militancy developed since last May 30 and until this same Saturday, Susana Díaz has insisted on defending the argument that in these primaries it is chosen between a model of PSOE-A autonomous and independent of the federal leadership like the one she flags, or a party “submissive” and directed with “remote control” from Ferraz, something that, in his opinion, would come from the hand of a victory for Juan Espadas in this process.

However, the mayor of Seville has denied that there is a risk that the PSOE-A lose autonomy with respect to the federal direction if he becomes a candidate for the Junta, and has claimed his candidacy as that of unity and the reunion between socialist militants who in previous internal processes opted for different candidates.

The third candidate in the running, Luis Ángel Hierro, has for his part vindicated his candidacy as that of the rank and file of the party, recalling that it comes from the platform project “Andalusia, Socialist! -Bases in motion”, which socialist militants promoted at the beginning of the year towards the Regional Congress that the PSOE-A will foreseeably hold in the fourth quarter of this year, in the 90 days following the federal Congress called for mid-October.

Voting day

The voting day It will be held between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. of this Sunday, although there are voting centers of less than 100 voters that can establish reduced days of at least four uninterrupted hours by requesting it previously.

For the exercise of their right to vote, the socialist militants have enabled 643 tables, distributed by all the voting centers. To ensure the normal development of the day, 1,940 auditors and attorneys-in-fact will participate.

In general, voting centers are the municipal or district groupings that have a minimum of ten militants, according to the document on the Procedure for the PSOE-A primary elections.

From the PSOE-A they have planned inform by press release from 2:00 p.m. of this Sunday of the participation registered until that hour. The provisional results will be communicated once the vote counting is over, and the Andalusian federation headquarters, located on Calle San Vicente in Seville, will act as a data center and will remain open for the media from 12 noon.

If none of the three candidates obtains more than 50% of the votes, the two that obtain the highest number of votes will pass to a second round that will have on the following Sunday, June 20, the voting day. The Electoral Guarantees Commission of the PSOE of Andalusia will proceed to the definitive proclamation of the candidate for the Presidency of the Board on June 25.


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