Daniel Ortega orders the arrest of the guerrilla who freed him in a suicide operation

Daniel Ortega has decided to erase part of the history of Sandinismo, starring two of its heroic guerrillas, Dora Mara Tllez, the famous Comandante Dos, and retired General Hugo Torres.

Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, in a 2018 image.YOU ARE OCONAFP

“I risked my life to get Ortega out of jail, but such are the turns of life: those who once embraced principles today have betrayed them. “ Daniel Ortega has decided to erase part of the history of Sandinismo, the one starring two of its heroic guerrillas, Dora Mara Tllez, the famous Commander Two, and the retired general Hugo Torres, whose words before being arrested yesterday Sunday open this chronicle.

The ruling party today qualifies both as traitors to the homeland, Despite the fact that Torres led two of the main feats in the fight against the dictator Somoza: the assault on the National Palace of Nicaragua in 1978 and the operation that in 1974 meant the freedom of Daniel Ortega himself, who since then would become the strong man of the Sandinista revolution.

It mattered little to the special forces in their violent and abusive deployments this Sunday that both Torres and Tllez are symbols of the fight for freedom after the taking of the National Palace of Nicaragua. That day, the key to the Sandinista victory of the following year, they took Somoza parliamentarians hostage to free 60 political prisoners, including Toms Borge.

They called it “Operation Chanchera” and the chronicle of what happened was in charge of the Nobel Gabriel Garca Mrquez, who described it as “masterful nonsense”: 25 brave guerrillas against 3,000 men distributed among Parliament, ministries and various organizations.

Torres was commander one and Tllez number two. The triumvirate closed it Edn Pastor, Commander Zero. The withering operation ended the release of 60 political prisoners and the triumphal path of the guerrillas on their way to the airport to flee Nicaragua. The hostage deputy was surprised by the popular euphoria, García Márquez recounted what Hugo Torres’ response was: “You see, this is the only thing that cannot be bought with money.”

Four years earlier, the former brigadier general commanded the operation that stormed the house of Somoza minister Jthe Mara Castillo. Such a daring action achieved the freedom of Ortega, that he went to fight from Costa Rica, while Torres remained in Managua, in hiding.

Such deeds went into the background this Sunday, as if the new Sandinismo had erased its own history with a single stroke and in the service of Daniel Ortega, XXI century version of the Somozas, the family that terrorized Nicaragua for decades. In this case, with a woman as vice president and nine children working for the cause at the head of the media, millionaire businesses and state companies.

In conversation with THE WORLD in the days prior to his arrest, Hugo Torres presents what was coming: “Nicaragua is experiencing a repressive police state, a de facto siege, here there is no security for anyone. How can we think of an electoral campaign if you cannot carry out marches or organizational activities?. It is enough to go out with a national flag to the street for a patrol to take him away minutes later. The state of terror we are experiencing is the state that Ortega wants to prevail. “

The increase in repression is the product, according to the general’s diagnosis, of the weakness caused by the loss of popular support, “Because its very base has been reduced and that is why it uses the police and paramilitary forces for repression, in addition to the complicity of the Army. Despite this despotic regime, the resistance is alive. Ortega has not been able to bend that firm will for getting out of this dictatorial regime of him and his wife Rosario Murillo, who is as terrible as him. “

Dora Mara Tellez, in a file image.
Dora Mara Tellez, in a file image.HECTOR RETAMALAFP

The presidential couple has led the weekend’s hunt and capture operation against the old Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS), founded by the writer Sergio Ramrez and today converted into the Unin Democrica Renovadora (Unamos). Besides Torres and Tllez, Ana Margarita Vijil and Suyn Barahona, who have chaired the MRS, were also captured.

The list of detainees is made up of four of the candidates and more than a dozen leaders or collaborators of the aspirant Cristiana Chamorro, who remains kidnapped in her own home. The other jailed applicants are the former ambassador to the United States. Arturo Cruz, the activist Flix Maradiaga and the businessman Juan Sebastin Chamorro, nephew of the former president Violeta Barrios.

The importance of detainees is the best thermometer to measure how far the presidential couple is willing to go. The OAS Permanent Council will meet urgently this Tuesday to discuss the crisis in Nicaragua, which has aroused the rejection of the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and various countries in the region, except the revolutionary allies.

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