Clamor in Columbus against the pardons and a warning to Pedro Sánchez: "We will go out here and in other places again"

A clamor has flooded the plaza de Coln of Madrid against Pedro Snchez. A fiery crowd has risen up against the Prime Minister’s plan to pardon the leaders of the procs, skipping the political consensus and the opinion of the Supreme court, which already warned, in a blunt report, that the independentistas do not regret it and that they explicitly threatened to repeat their attack against the State. “No” and “enough already”, has been the forceful reaction of tens of thousands of people who have concentrated in a protest called by the association Unin 78, by Rose Ten, Mara San Gil | Y Fernando Savater, and that the three great parties of the center-right space have also supported and seconded: PP, Vox and Ciudadanos; albeit with their leaders scattered through the crowd to shy away from the 2019 joint photo.

“We have united citizens of all ideas, origins and creeds to stop the drift of an inept, parasitic and authoritarian government and to say loud and clear enough!” pink ten, who has warned that they will convene again “here and in other Espaa, whenever it is necessary to go out to the streets to defend democracy “.

Because, he has proclaimed, “the pardons represent a serious attack against democracy” and if they are finally carried out, the Government “will be violating the Constitution“This is what he has affirmed before a square in Coln completely full and dyed with the colors red and yellow, due to the huge number of Spanish flags, and that he has accompanied Rosa Dez’s speech with cries of Sanchez” resign. “

Among the people, scrambled, but not together, Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Ins Arrimadas have demonstrated against the pardons with firmness but avoiding meeting and dissolving themselves in the crowd. The leaders of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have protested accompanied by the senior staff of their parties, in a gesture of support for the concentration but at the same time denoting that in the ranks popular Y oranges there were misgivings about the government’s use of the “Columbus photo” concept to divert attention from pardons.

For this reason, Casado, Abascal and Arrimadas have opted not to go on stage and “cede all the leading role” of the demonstration to “civil society” and the members of Union 78, who have been the only ones to intervene before a mass of people who has had to endure a scorching sun on a hot day in Madrid, protected by hats, caps and even scarves. In addition, the event started an hour later due to a problem with the electricity generator.

But hotter than the temperature, and despite this agonizing wait in the sun, the protesters have been, who have shouted for the “resignation” of the Government and against Sanchez (“Madrid will be the tomb of Sanchismo”), against the forgiveness of the condemned (“Puigdemont, to prison)” and against the cessions to the independence movement (“Spain is not for sale, Spain is defending itself”).

The leader of the PP and the opposition, Pablo Casado, has asked Snchez “to defend the equality of all Spaniards and the Justice” and “not to sell the equality of the Spaniards to continue in La Moncloa for a few more months.”

Before a banner critical of his party (“The PP let Puigdemont escape”) and after hearing some shout “Pablo Casado, you have abandoned us”, the popular president has demanded the chief executive “to tell the Spanish why wants to steal a part of his nation. ” “With freedom and without anger. For Spain, for the Constitution and for Justice: Spain, no pardons,” he harangued from Genoa 13, before going down to Colón. Once there, it has been located in the area of ​​the square closest to the street that leads to the headquarters of the PP, almost on the opposite side to where the leaders of Vox have been placed.

The two main figures of the PP in Madrid have attended the demonstration, but none of the autonomous barons of the party. The one who in a few days will be invested again as president of the Community, Isabel Daz Ayuso, has pointed out: “Today we want to vindicate not the photo of Coln, but the photo of dignity. They intend to chop up a part of Spain.” In addition, he has invoked Felipe VI: “We vindicate the sovereign and also the role of the King.” “What are you going to do? Are you going to sign these pardons? Are they going to make you an accomplice?”

The mayor of Madrid, Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida, has demanded that Pedro Snchez “take note” because “he is going to pardon the independentistas, but the Spaniards are not going to forgive him.” The mayor of the capital has described the protest as an “act of dignity and justice and of vindication of constitutional values ​​in front of all those who want to put an end to them”:

In Vox, Abascal has warned that the pardons are a “betrayal” of the Catalans and all Spaniards, and has stressed that they would be “the worst act against the Constitution”, in addition to a release through an order ” illegitimate and illegal “.

“Sánchez is still capable of doing a lot of damage and that is why it is very important that today all Spaniards, over and above political acronyms and minor differences, are together in this Plaza de Colón, to which we return without fear and without shame,” he said. noted. “Because the photo that shames everyone is that of the Government photographed and held by all the enemies of Spain: communism, independence and terrorists,” Abascal has proclaimed.

With him have been many members of Vox, such as Jorge Buxad, Ivn Espinosa de los Monteros, Roco Monasterio, Macarena Olona and numerous leaders and deputies.

On the part of Ciudadanos, Ins Arrimadas has demanded that Snchez “not pardon the coup plotters on our behalf, in the name of the Catalan constitutionalists because we are the ones who suffer it in the first person.” The leader of Ciudadanos has charged harshly against Pedro Sánchez and his party. “Always the PSOE with lies, with deceptions and with traperas stabs at constitutionalism,” he criticized.

In statements to the media, in which he has heard a cry against it, Arrimadas has criticized that Sanchez is “kneeling Spain to buy time” in Moncloa and has accused him of “lying” in an electoral campaign about his position with those convicted for ” win votes “. For all the above, he has asked him to take note of today’s protest, in which he has remarked that it has been an expression to shout “to Justice, to democracy, to coexistence and not to pardons.”

Ciudadanos has led a powerful delegation, with the main members of its orange leadership: the general secretary, Marina Bravo; the deputy secretary general and spokesman for the Executive Committee, Edmundo Bal; the deputy secretary general, Daniel Prez Calvo, the leader of the party in Catalonia and in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa; the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoa Villacs and the MEP, Maite Pagaza.

In addition to the official representatives of the parties, the call has led Coln to other figures in defense of constitutionalism in Catalonia such as the Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo or Juan Carlos Girauta, among others.

One of the surprises has been in the writing Andrs Trapiello, who has also made a very resounding speech against the pardons and has equated this Sunday’s movement with the Basta Ya that emerged in the Basque Country against ETA. “Enough of the lies. Enough of saying one day that the seditious Catalans will not be pardoned and the next the opposite. Enough of agreeing with those who have finished with it and have promised to finish it off once and for all. Enough and to promote tables behind the back of Parliament to deal with matters that concern the entire nation. Enough of insulting those who do not think like them, “he exclaimed.

“Let’s see if they understand it once: nobody is a façade for saying today the same thing that the Prime Minister said a few months ago,” the writer concluded.

Little inclined to participate in acts of this type, Trapiello has justified his presence in Coln as a “moral” act. “Today I am here for consistency with what I think, out of respect for myself and because I consider it an act of public utility.” And he stressed that the protest has united people from “the right, the center and the left.” “Over and above our differences, we agree on a few things. Perhaps they are not many, but they are important. The most important: the defense of our constitutional order.”

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