Almost 3 out of 10 Argentines received the first vaccine

28.38 percent of Argentines have already received at least one dose against the coronavirus after the massive arrival of vaccines in recent weeks and the doubling in the rate of immunization registered in the last fortnight, according to a report based on open data from the Ministry of Health.

The biochemist and data analyst Santiago Olszevicki, author of this report, stated that, since the beginning of the public immunization campaign – last December – until now, 28.38 percent of the population was immunized with at least the first doses of the vaccines that make up the Strategic Vaccination Plan, which is directed by the national State with the accompaniment of the provinces.

According to the same study and always to date, 7.10 percent of the population already has the two doses provided in the health scheme against the pandemic.

On the other hand, as of last Thursday, Argentina was in position 20 of the total of countries that administered the most doses in the world.

According to Our World in Data, the database that, among other institutions, makes up the British University of Oxford (, only five Latin American countries make up the lot of the first 25: Brazil, in fourth place; Mexico, in the ninth; Chile, in the 17th; Argentina, in the 20th; and Colombia, on 23.

Likewise, Argentina is in position 16 of the countries in which its inhabitants received at least one dose against Covid-19 and in 24 of those that received full coverage, according to Our World in Data.

In relation to these statistical variables, in its latest update, which dates from yesterday, the Public Vaccination Monitor recorded a total of 12,879,690 people vaccinated with one dose and 3,223,051 people with two.

These numbers are similar to those of Our World in Data, whose last report reported 3.15 million inhabitants in Argentina as recipients of the complete immunization scheme. That same international database numbered at 12.2 million the number of people to whom at least the first dose was applied in Argentina.

In the last 14 days, Argentina doubled the rate of vaccination against the coronavirus compared to the previous 14 days, going from a daily average of about 150,000 applications to almost 300,000.

“To analyze the growth of the vaccination rhythm, a possible variable is to take the daily average of the last 14 days and compare it with the previous 14 days,” indicated the physicist and researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet) Jorge Aliaga . In that sense, he assured that “on Thursday, June 10, the average of the last 14 days was 289,535 reports of daily applications, while if you look at May 28, the average of the last 14 days of that date was 146,005 daily doses, that is exactly half “.


20 millions of vaccines will accumulate Argentina. Some 811,000 from Astrazeneca arrived last night and 934,200 from the same laboratory arrived tomorrow.

  • “Better than Australia and New Zealand”

“This percentage of people vaccinated (28.38%) with one dose places Argentina among the first middle-income countries and better than many high-income countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Oman or Panama,” he said. the immunologist Ernesto Resnik, who resides in Minnesota, USA. Resnik said that “if the percentages are analyzed on a global scale, as expected, the higher-income countries have a faster vaccination and have already reached a large percentage of the population; such is the case of Canada, Israel, the United States and Europe.” . The health portfolio reported that “one out of every two people between 55 and 59 years old (55%) has already received the first dose” and indicated that “45.3% of the age group between 50 and 54 years old and 33.2 % of people who are between 45 and 49 years old “.

In Santa Fe

The Government of Santa Fe authorized the return to classes starting tomorrow, under a bimodal system that combines face-to-face and virtuality, in more than 140 localities with low demographic density and less than 10 cases of covid-19. The measure runs from June 15 to 25.

In Rio Negro

A total of 22 cities and places in Rio Negro will have face-to-face classes again starting tomorrow, at the initial, primary and special levels, confirmed Governor Arabela Carreras. The measure covers the cities of Choele Choel, El Bolsón, Treneta, Anecón Grande and Blancura Centro, among others.


The Government of the state of São Paulo yesterday fined the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, for not wearing a chinstrap during a demonstration of motorcycle sympathizers that he led in the city and in a ceremony at the Military College, when he stated that “nothing exists scientifically proven to combat covid “.

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