Phil Coulson over: 'Loki' detail confirming 'Agents of SHIELD' is out of MCU canon

Agents of SHIELD saw the light in 2013 on the ABC grid, sponsored by Joss Whedon and with the aim of bringing to the fore the heroics of the organization in the shadow of the Avengers. The Resurrection of Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) inaugurated this series, and realized for herself that her path would not have to have an iron connection with what happened in the MCU. Throughout the seasons he became more and more independent (even though from time to time Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo as Nick Fury) until when it came to an end in 2020, many wondered if everything narrated had really been canon.

The conception of Agents of SHIELD was radically different from that of the new batch series that began to swell the Disney + catalog from Scarlet Witch and Vision, because of how they shared characters with the films and gave a core continuity to them. Hence yes, Loki be canon, and that we should take all the events it describes as official. It is what has finished confirming that the adventures of Coulson and his proteges have not taken place in the timeline that follows Loki, and apparently neither in any of the universes where its plot could be forked.

How do we know this? Thanks to the dialogue that the God of Deception maintains in the first episode of the new Disney + series (Tom Hiddleston) con Mobius (Owen Wilson). This Loki has managed to flee from the timeline where he was killed by Thanos thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame, but instead of being condemned for it Mobius sees more aid to help them in their work. The start of Loki he is devoted to a kind of psychoanalysis of Hiddleston’s character, where he has to face his past, present and future.

There is a moment where Mobius remembers how Loki killed Coulson in The Avengers, highlighting that it was this murder that ended up uniting the Marvel superheroes. So he could have dropped that Coulson was still alive to further humiliate Loki, but Mobius does not allude to this, but instead goes straight to remembering when his mother died in Thor: The Dark World. Apparently Clark Gregg’s character has remained dead within the MCU, and his resurrection to lead Agents of SHIELD it is not something that contemplates the main timeline.

A shame for his fans, who at least does not have to wait for them to never see Coulson again: in Marvel there are so many spatio-temporal spoils that surely we will run into the character again in the near future.

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