prices of car insurance best sellers in the country can start at R$811.40, average value of the Fiat Argo insurance in Porto Alegre, and may reach up to R$ 6,195.65, average insurance amount for Jeep Compass Limited, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

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The information is part of a survey carried out by the online insurance company Minuto Seguros, which simulated the average prices of the policies of the leading selling vehicles for 11 capitals (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Recife, Goiânia, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Vitória and Salvador).

To perform the simulation, the profile of a 35-year-old man and married was considered. The amount of coverage against third parties contracted would be 100 thousand reais and the quotes were made at the following insurance companies: Azul, Alfa, Aliro, Allianz, Bradesco, HDI, Itaú, Liberty, Sompo Seguros, Mapfre, Mitsui, Porto Seguro, Tokio Marine, Southamerica and Zurich.

Information on the best-selling cars is from the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (Fenabrave), for the month of May 2021. Check below the average insurance values ​​for the best-selling cars in the country.

Fiat Argo

Region average
Sao Paulo R$ 1.851,38
Rio de Janeiro R$ 2.607,30
Florianopolis R$ 1.198,99
Porto Alegre R$ 811,40
Curitiba R$ 1.350,49
Recife R$ 1.845,81
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.201,28
Goiania R$ 1.686,78
Victory R$ 1.712,66
Brasilia R$ 1.251,12
Salvador R$ 1.668,14

Fiat Mobi

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 1.686,26
Rio de Janeiro R$ 2.243,70
Florianopolis R$ 1.271,33
Porto Alegre R$ 1.387,85
Curitiba R$ 1.125,48
Recife R$ 1.404,09
Belo Horizonte R$ 1.826,52
Goiania R$ 1.640,98
Victory R$ 1.491,71
Brasilia R$ 1.226,87
Salvador R$ 1.761,95

Jeep Renegade

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 2.327,05
Rio de Janeiro R$ 3.588,22
Florianopolis R$ 1.801,93
Porto Alegre R$ 1.741,53
Curitiba R$ 2.145,59
Recife R$ 2.490,31
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.914,42
Goiania R$ 1.937,17
Victory R$ 2.098,57
Brasilia R$ 2.181,06
Salvador R$ 2.588,23

Hyundai HB20

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 1.767,87
Rio de Janeiro R$ 2.383,27
Florianopolis R$ 1.278,43
Porto Alegre R$ 993,95
Curitiba R$ 1.638,82
Recife R$ 1.346,86
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.209,02
Goiania R$ 1.423,83
Victory R$ 1.508,75
Brasilia R$ 1.304,82
Salvador R$ 1.380,58

Hyundai creta

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 2.530,09
Rio de Janeiro R$ 4.082,46
Florianopolis R$ 2.345,04
Porto Alegre R$ 4.266,44
Curitiba R$ 3.132,59
Recife R$ 2.465,19
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.641,30
Goiania R$ 3.727,72
Victory R$ 2.611,75
Brasilia R$ 2.430,02
Salvador R$ 2.395,63

Volkswagen GOL

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 1.737,09
Rio de Janeiro R$ 2.703,78
Florianopolis R$ 1.779,54
Porto Alegre R$ 1.783,07
Curitiba R$ 1.776,57
Recife R$ 2.061,61
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.298,05
Goiania R$ 1.559,00
Victory R$ 2.440,59
Brasilia R$ 1.326,46
Salvador R$ 2.262,71

Jeep Compass

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 4.143,12
Rio de Janeiro R$ 6.195,65
Florianopolis R$ 3.070,96
Porto Alegre R$ 3.780,22
Curitiba R$ 4.031,39
Recife R$ 4.650,03
Belo Horizonte R$ 5.065,41
Goiania R$ 4.322,08
Victory R$ 3.575,83
Brasilia R$ 4.520,62
Salvador R$ 4.946,54

Volkswagen T-Cross

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 2.360,10
Rio de Janeiro R$ 3.843,72
Florianopolis R$ 1.759,30
Porto Alegre R$ 1.883,21
Curitiba R$ 2.400,02
Recife R$ 2.538,11
Belo Horizonte R$ 2.723,07
Goiania R$ 2.140,91
Victory R$ 2.135,46
Brasilia R$ 2.094,80
Salvador R$ 2.498,93

Renault Kwid

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 1.707,79
Rio de Janeiro R$ 2.135,46
Florianopolis R$ 1.009,44
Porto Alegre R$ 1.384,20
Curitiba R$ 1.186,52
Recife R$ 1.711,19
Belo Horizonte R$ 1.908,00
Goiania R$ 1.270,84
Victory R$ 1.675,72
Brasilia R$ 1.402,73
Salvador R$ 1.778,01

Chevrolet Tracker

Region Average price
Sao Paulo R$ 3.342,59
Rio de Janeiro R$ 4.809,38
Florianopolis R$ 2.146,72
Porto Alegre R$ 3.106,30
Curitiba R$ 2.543,17
Recife R$ 3.436,33
Belo Horizonte R$ 3.354,40
Goiania R$ 3.831,97
Victory R$ 3.130,43
Brasilia R$ 2.372,02
Salvador R$ 3.428,14

cheaper insurance

The survey also pointed out that the The average insurance price of all 10 vehicles on the list among the capitals quoted in May was R$2,364 for men, 6.2% lower than that registered in April.

The average value of the cheapest insurance for the male public, in May, was with Fiat Mobi. In the survey carried out, men pay R$ 1,552. Meanwhile, the post with the highest average insurance value was Compass: R$ 4,391.

The insurance price for Mobi is the one with the smallest difference between the capitals quoted for men. The highest value is in Rio de Janeiro, at R$2,244, and the lowest in Curitiba, at R$1,125, a difference of R$1,119.

On the other hand, Compass has the biggest difference between states: R$ 3,125. The highest in Rio de Janeiro, BRL 6,196, and the lowest in Florianópolis, with BRL 3,071. For men, Florianópolis is the city with the cheapest insurance: five of the ten cars on the list. In insurance with higher values, Rio de Janeiro is the city with the highest prices: nine out of ten vehicles.

Among women, the Kwid is the one with the smallest difference between the listed capitals, with a difference of BRL 926, from the highest value, which is in Rio de Janeiro, with BRL 1,888, to the lowest, which is in Florianópolis, with BRL 962.

In another comparison, the Compass had the greatest distance in values: R$ 3,268. The largest in Rio de Janeiro, with R$ 6,199, and the smallest in Florianópolis, with R$ 2,931. In the scope of the female public, Florianópolis also got the city post with the cheapest insurance: six of the ten cars. The higher values ​​are concentrated in the majority in Rio de Janeiro: nine of the ten vehicles whose insurance has a higher price are located in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The lowest value among all models and capitals quoted in the female profile was Porto Alegre: R$772 for Argo. The average price of insurance in São Paulo, for women, was R$1,983 and in Rio de Janeiro, R$3,201.

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