Where to watch American Horror Story online, all seasons of the series

American Horror Story is a television series (that you can find online) created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who also produce it. It premiered for the first time in October 2011 and is broadcast to this day on the Star television network (formerly Fox).

Over the years it has been described as an anthological series, as the theme and story completely change from season to season, which makes it much more interesting and varied within its genre.

That’s why today we tell you a little about this iconic series and where you can watch American Horror Story online. For you to add it to your list and see it soon.

American Horror Story online

What is American Horror Story about?

American Horror Story is a horror series in which each season a new story unfolds, with new characters, conflicts and different settings. The interesting thing is that one or another element of the stories are distantly based on real events and are taken to fiction.

A little about each season

The First season: Murder House It takes place in Los Angeles and is about the Harmon family who, unknowingly, move into a house where the previous owners had passed away and they are not alone in the house, but everyone who died in it is there.

In the second season: Asylum We are presented with a hospital from the 60s for criminals in a bad state of mind. Told interspersed between the past and the present, the terror comes thanks to a serial killer who lives in this abandoned psychiatric center.

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The third season: Coven is about witchcraft and focuses on Zoe Benson (Tassia Farmiga), a girl who has special abilities. She is sent to a special academy, where they teach young witches to protect themselves. The story happens in our days and has from time to time jumps to the past.

The fourth season: Freak show takes place in the 1950s and follows a peculiar people’s circus in a small town in Florida. Danger looms when a seer and a con artist begin to hatch a Machiavellian plan.

American Horror Story online

The fifth season: HotelIt is a hotel that is ideally built to serve as a torture chamber for guests. It is run by The Countess, a vampire (Lady Gaga) and was founded by a perverse psychopath (Evan Peters).

The sixth season: Roanoke, follows a couple who move into a house near a forest inhabited by ghosts and witches. From the day they arrive at the house, a series of paranormal events begin to occur and the couple tries to survive these attacks.

The seventh season: Cult, revolves around a girl from New York who has several traumas in terms of the terrorist attacks, derived from 9/11. Although he begins to control them with the help of his wife, the triumph of Donald Trump as president of the United States, his fears return and now there are those who seek to dominate the world.

The season eight: Apocalypse, I take an interesting turn, as it is a crossover Between the stories of the first and third seasons, they now present us with the end of the world and the beginning of a new one.

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The ninth season: 1984, It occurs in the eighties in a camp near Los Angeles which is a place where several crimes of the authorship of Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) took place a long time ago and now the murderer decides to approach the place with the intention of doing evil to those who approach the camp.

American Horror Story online

The cast of the series

The cast of this series is quite extensive due to its naturalness. Many of the interpreters appeared in more than one season but with new characters, within new plots. Among the most prominent are Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lili Rabe who are the ones who have done the most seasons. Frances Conroy has appeared in eight and Kathy Bates in six. Other actors include Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Jamie Brewer, among many others who give life to various characters during the seasons.

American Horror Story online

What about season 10?

First of all, a spin-off from the series, titled American Horror Stories and the difference is that in this one a new story will be told per chapter and this one will be released in July.

And although the temporada 10: Double Feature was delayed due to Covid-19, right after all the episodes of American Horror Stories come out, it will premiere on Fox and Hulu.

Where can I see it?

You can enjoy seasons 1 to 8 of American horror Story (online) through Amazon Prime Video and 9 is available at Star play. So far 9 seasons that you cannot miss for any reason.

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