"We dust off the typical topics between canariones and chicharreros with a touch of humor"

The Victor Cinema Theater from the capital of Tenerife receives this Saturday (8:00 p.m.) the comedians Pili Batista and Juan Antonio Cabrera, who premiere show, I to Teide and you to Las Canteras. Tickets to witness this story of love and humor between a chicharrera and a canarión are on sale at www.tomaticket.es, La Cuadra del Palmero restaurant and Imperial Bar, in Santa Cruz, and Full Vaping Taco, in La Laguna.

-How did the idea come about?

Pili Batista: “From the friendship that we have maintained for several years. We had never worked together. They proposed a date to me at the Víctor Cinema, I spoke with him and we decided to mount this show fun combining monologue format stand up comedy with the theater ”.

Juan Antonio Cabrera: “We coincided in an afternoon-night of monologues. We met and shared professional concerns, and without realizing it, the possibility of doing a show together arose and here we are ”.

-What was the most difficult thing to do?

PB: “Rehearsals in the distance due to the circumstances. We have seen each other and rehearsed in person, but less than we would have liked ”.

JAC: “Without a doubt, the rehearsals. The fact that Pili lived in Tenerife and I in Gran Canaria required a tight work plan. The situation has forced us to have to rehearse many times through the video call and, although it has been positive, there is no doubt that it started as a strange situation. We have completed the preparation of the event with some very productive face-to-face meetings on both islands and with that we guarantee the correct preparation. It has been a rare situation, but one that has a good result. You make everything one ”.

-What role does each one play in the production?

PB: “Juan insisted that I be the director… That was because he wanted to be the soft potato… [ríe] Seriously, I suppose that since I had more experience in the theater, he decided to let himself go even though the play was written by both of them. “

JAC: “I have put myself in the hands of Pili. This gives you a certain comfort because if it goes well, well, and if it goes wrong, we will blame her … [sonríe] The latter is a joke, but I am serious when I say that she is the director and has tables on the stage in that discipline and I have simply put myself under her orders, contributing a grain of sand as much as possible ”.

-What does the play-show contribute?

PB: “It brings a lot of satire and a funny parody of the insular lawsuit; we wondered what would happen to a couple who fell in love, but both with their deep-rooted piques, their realities… We found it funny and enlightening to take it to the theater and be able to laugh at the situations that could arise ”.

JAC: “We wanted to dust off all the typical topics that have existed since time immemorial between the people of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the Canariones and the chicharreros, and present them with a touch of humor. I think it is necessary and, if I am not mistaken, we are the first to do such a work, and we intend to remove iron from that pique, which we know is nonsense that can help us to have a laugh ”.

-What route would you like me to have?

PB: “If I tell you the truth, I would like it to be around the world [sonríe], but it is clear that it will move mainly in Gran Canaria and Tenerife and also in the rest of the islands, where we are already closing dates ”.

JAC: “I would be happy when we get to Adán Martín and Alfredo Kraus, the auditoriums of Tenerife and Gran Canaria respectively, because it would be wonderful, but that is still missing … [sonríe]. Meanwhile we have a premiere date in Santa Cruz, we will continue in Telde and Arucas, La Laguna, several more municipalities in Tenerife and Gran Canaria and some spaces in other islands, but all that is taking shape. The objective is to travel all summer, and more if possible, in the Canary Islands and even in the Peninsula, where there are also possibilities. And to go further, we already dream of a second part, who knows… ”.

-Two reasons not to miss the ‘show’.

PB: “We are very good actors and comedians [ríe] and I think that, regardless of our modesty (he smiles again), we want to make the audience laugh and, therefore, we think they will have a good time ”.

JAC: “First reason: because you will be laughing for an hour and a half and that is appreciated after all that we have spent this last year and a half with the pandemic, and, secondly, because you are going to see a binomial that until now is unpublished, since Pili and I got together for the first time and, together with the script, it is an explosive cocktail because we make a very good couple on stage … Outside, not so much …, but on stage we look very good because we are very photogenic. two”.

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