UFO furor

That bright object came down from the sky at an unusual speed. It was midnight on a Sunday in July, there was a new moon and for a few seconds it lit up everything as if it were daylight. This was perceived by the five people who were traveling by car on a secondary road in the province of Segovia and who observed in amazement how the phenomenal flash allowed them to clearly see the residents of a nearby town who were walking along the road taking advantage of the cool night of a hot summer. The object disappeared on the northern slope of the nearby Sierra de Guadarrama and there were no more.

If that vision was extraordinary, it was even more disconcerting that no one in that town, who for a few moments saw it fully illuminated, saw nothing and did not even notice the clarity that made them momentarily visible from miles away. Neither the meteorological services nor the Air Force alert and control group registered anything strange that night, and although none of the five occupants of the vehicle had tasted a drop of alcohol, they hardly commented on their experience to avoid being accused of drinking more than necessary, suffering from hallucinations or being the object of jokes.

“It is hard for me to imagine that in a universe populated by billions of celestial bodies, ours is the only one that harbors intelligent life”

I know that that disturbing episode is true and that it was as I tell it here because one of the occupants of that vehicle was me. I was only fifteen at the time and still far from practicing journalism, but what happened taught me not to despise any testimony however unexplained or inexplicable it may be.

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If I bring up this unusual personal experience, it is because the report that emerged a few days ago on the investigations of the United States Government of the 120 strange aerial phenomena witnessed by the US Navy pilots just reminded me. The document, which advanced The New York Times citing senior Administration officials, determines that the vast majority of these phenomena did not originate in high-tech military tests or projects, and although it does not claim that they are alien ships, does not rule it out either.

This Pentagon report has raised great expectations there on an issue whose interest is shared by both Democratic and Republican senators, who agree in demanding a thorough investigation of the matter and that resources are available to do so scientifically and go to the end. What is described by the Navy pilots speaks of devices with erratic behavior, a hitherto unknown acceleration capacity and lights that defied the laws of physics. The latter of the light is what has most reminded me of the personal experience of my fifteen years.

“The duty of science is to investigate what cannot be explained”

Do not think that that adolescent vision places me among those convinced of the visits to Earth by beings from another planet. It is true that I find it difficult to imagine that in an endless universe populated by billions of celestial bodies, ours is the only one that houses smart life. However, something very different is that one of those possible civilizations has managed to develop a technology so sophisticated as to move naturally to planets that are millions of light years away and come to Earth to do space tourism. This is even more difficult for me to imagine.

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The duty of science is to investigate what cannot be explained and unravel the mysteries it contains. The aliens thing is particularly exciting and I can understand the UFO frenzy that the Pentagon papers have unleashed. It is obvious that my good friend Iker has a program for a while.


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