Asian country demonstrates that it is tired of Brazilian accusations; link between nations needs to be more positive so as not to harm immunization against Covid-19

EFE / Antonio Lacerda / ArchiveThe CoronaVac vaccine is produced in partnership between the Butantan Institute and the Chinese laboratory Sinovac

A China decided to harden. Everything indicates that China is tired. With reason. If the Brazilian government does not change its treatment of that country, the vaccines to Brazil will become more difficult. The decision was taken by Chinese authorities 15 days after the president Bolsonaro, in a new fit of fury, return to the usual criticisms. Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac demanded a change in Brazil’s position in relation to China. If criticism of China continues, inputs for the Instituto do Butantan, in São Paulo, will no longer be provided for the manufacture of the vaccine CoronaVac. Either for that gossip or the situation will come to that. In other words, China got tired. It’s a lot of irresponsible talk especially within the Brazilian government. China calls for a more civilized relationship with Brazil, stressing the importance of political support for the realization of exports, including the possibility of preferential treatment to certain countries. This information is contained in a confidential document from Itamaraty sent to CPI to Covid-19, obtained by the newspaper Or Balloon, from Rio de Janeiro.

This letter reproduces a letter sent by the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This letter reports a meeting held on May 19 in the Chinese capital between diplomats and Brazilian representatives, one of them from the government of São Paulo, with the president of pharmaceutical Sinovac, Weidong Yan. It is a delicate and difficult subject to deal with, because Brazil today is a country more or less adrift in a sea of ​​mistaken ideas looking for a way out of the storm. In any case, China got tired. It is necessary to stop these accusations that lead to nothing, but fuel the Brazilian government’s ill will in relation to everything related to the coronavirus, including a publicly unstated denial of vaccination. And now also to the use of masks, according to a statement by Bolsonaro on Thursday, 10. This fact completely belies the statements to the Covid CPI of the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo. The two assured that President Bolsonaro’s pronouncements against China had no impact on vaccine negotiations with Brazil. My ass! They had a lot of impact and came to shake the relationship between the two countries, even when dealing with a humanitarian issue that is the supply of inputs for the production of vaccines against the disease.

According to information supplied by the Brazilian embassy, ​​the president at Sinovac stated that he has a good relationship with the Butantan Institute, but his desire is for the agreement between the two companies to be seen as a demand by the Brazilian government. What doesn’t happen. The document notes that this situation started to require a correspondence at the political level to deal with inputs to Brazil, which would facilitate negotiations between the Butantan Institute and Sinovac with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Basically, there will be no lack of vaccine, at least from China, if Brazilian insults and offenses come to an end. The relationship between the two countries has to be more positive. You can’t go on as it is. The issue of vaccines is only a purely commercial business. And diplomatic too. The ambassador of Brazil to China, Paulo Estivallet, attended the meeting and pledged to take this information to the Brazilian government. The Brazilian posture in relation to China has to change. What got really bad was when Bolsonaro insinuated that the coronavirus was part of a chemical warfare. They were serious insinuations treated even with irony, when referring to the GDP of China, which would already be an advantage of such Chinese “chemical war”. That got it wrong. And the Chinese government didn’t buy it.

The new minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, guarantees that the relationship between China and Brazil is excellent, also because the two countries are very solid trading partners. But who can take seriously any statement made by “such” minister Marcelo Queiroga, who proves to be more of a servile than a minister of state. It seems to follow that policy of the former minister general Eduardo Pazuello: “One commands and the other obeys”. In any case, China decided to put a stop to this war of words. Brasília and Beijing have to respect each other. If not, a lot of things will complicate between the two countries, including vaccination. Someone needs to talk this out to the president of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It won’t do any good, but he needs to know about the damage he’s been doing recklessly. The biggest victim of all of this is the Brazilian population, which is waiting for a vaccine that is increasingly difficult to reach. Vaccines that arrive in Brazil by dropper. This, unfortunately, has been the option of the Brazilian government since the appearance of the coronavirus, always treated with disregard, while the number of deaths increases. But that doesn’t seem to worry many people, especially from a government that argues for contempt for life.

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