This is the reason why you always drive at a speed lower than that indicated by the speedometer

Excessive speed on the road is the main cause of traffic accidents in practically every country in the world. An imprudence that leads to exceeding the legal limits set by the institutions and which are the constant puzzle of the automotive sector in order to promote new accessories that avoid the greatest possible risk. However, it is in the simplest part of a vehicle, its speedometer, where it is the most hidden trick to fool drivers and help security.

You never drive at the speed that is reflected on the speedometer. A fact more than proven and automated For many years it remains unknown to many drivers around the world. And it is that, in order to protect more to these, the speed indicators of the cars, motorcycles or successive ones lie by default.

With different ranges of deception, depending on the region, in the European Union it is determined that a speedometer has a possible ‘failure’ of the 10% +4 kilometers per hour. Namely, it will always show a speed higher than the one you are driving, the real one being that 10% at the indicated plus four km / h below.

In practice this means that at a speed of 50 km / h, the most characteristic in the city, a driver who thinks he is going to this limit is actually driving a range between 41 and 50 km / h, never below and never above it (10% of 50 is 5 plus the 4 km / h courtesy). Likewise, at a speedometer 100 km / h the speed will be between those 100 and 86 km / h, while at 120 km / h it will be between 120 and 104 km / h.

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How does a speedometer work?

Along with these margins, the tire pressure or the weight that the vehicle supports also influences the speed set. The speedometer calculates according to wheel and drive shaft rotation, through a sensor located in the gearbox. A factor that leads to altering the speed by another 2 km / h, if the tire is worn or does not match the real measurements marked by the pressure.

A simple system to give greater security while the driver is deceived and that in the case of Spain is governed by European regulations. Also, this lacks speed can be easily checked with GPS devices They show the kilometers per hour, since in their case they are not so regulated and they do show the real speed.

This is the DGT signal that warns of a greater presence of radars for driving on a dangerous stretch

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