They deliver a majority act to local and federal deputies elected in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The electoral authorities handed over the majority minutes to the candidates who obtained the majority of votes in the elections held last Sunday, June 6, for the local and federal councils of Ahome.

They are César Gerardo Guerrero Alarcón, for the local deputation of District 03, Elizabeth Chía Galaviz, for the local deputation of District 04, Cecilia Covarrubias, for the local deputation of District 05, and Ana Elizabeth Ayala Leyva, for the deputation Federal District 02.

“We are going for a better Sinaloa and a better country”: Ana Ayala

With gratitude to the little more than 91 thousand Ahomenses who voted for her project, Ana Elizabeth Ayala Leyva received yesterday afternoon the majority act that accredits her as a federal deputy elected by the 02 Electoral District.

He said that he worked hard to obtain this result and it means even greater responsibility to improve Ahome, Sinaloa and also represent all of Mexico.

“We will be working with the three levels of government, hand in hand with our elected governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, to fulfill the commitments acquired with the citizens and to contribute for a better Sinaloa and a better country,” he said.

He made it clear that it begins with the representation of those who decided their representatives for the Congress of the Union.

“I thank the people committed to this project for a better Ahome, for a better Sinaloa and for a better Mexico.”

Ana Elizabeth Ayala Leyva. Photo: Debate

“We feel that we are strong to start working”: César Guerrero

At noon yesterday, César Guerrero Alarcón, Morena-PAS candidate for mayor of Ahome, received the confirmation of the majority that makes him the local deputy for the third district.
The elected deputy said he was happy with the opportunity that the Ahomenses gave him to occupy a deputation in the local Congress and that he will seek at all times to maintain contact with the citizens.

In this sense, he announced that almost immediately he will reactivate activities in the seven Ahome receiverships in order to meet the needs of the families.

“We feel that we are strong at this time and, above all, committed to the people because we are going to start working immediately, this is not about stopping working, but putting all the desire in the world on them,” he added.

César Guerrero Alarcón. Photo: Debate

“Things look for a change that is urgent in Sinaloa”: Elizabeth Chía

Elizabeth Chía Galaviz, from PAS-Morena, received the majority act as a local deputy for District 04 of Ahome shortly before midnight on June 9.

Accompanied by her family and some members of the Morena-PAS structure, the elected deputy said she was happy with the results of the election last Sunday, June 6.

He indicated that he feels the empathy of the citizens, who received him at home during the two months of the electoral campaign in Guasave and Ahome, which are the municipalities that his district encompasses.

“My family accompanies me and I thank the Pasista structure. We have made a great team and things are looking to make a change that is urgent in Sinaloa. In Morena-PAS we find many coincidences, but the strongest is to transform Sinaloa, a true change and to fulfill the people ”.

Elizabeth Chía Galaviz. Photo: Debate

“We work for this objective and we have achieved it”: Cecilia Covarrubias

“The current legislative agenda is not over, but we are prepared to continue, especially in modernizing the electronic government law to provide a better service to citizens, find a budget so that electricity costs less and many important issues that we must rescue” Cecilia Covarrubias said upon receiving the majority act as a local deputy for the local District 05 of Ahome.

He said that good things are coming for the people of Ahome and that “Q4 is being implemented in Ahome through the municipal president, Gerardo Vargas, through the deputies of the fourth transformation and the governor.”

“It was democracy that decided and I am sure that good things are going to come. We are going to continue building a legal framework to combat corruption, from the Congress ”.

Cecilia Covarrubias. Photo: Debate

Ana Ayala receives majority act as federal deputy of Sinaloa

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