Then she was drunk: Judith Rakers confesses an embarrassing “Tagesschau” mishap

Cologne –

“I thought you’d be standing there without make-up, unprepared, babbling”: In the BR late-night talk “Ringlstetter”, “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers confirmed a high-handed mishap. She once read the ARD news “sent”.

  • Judith Rakers confesses in TV talk: She “sent” the “Tagesschau” moderator
  • In the BR Late Night Talk, she confirmed the embarrassing mishap
  • Judith Rakers explains how the alcohol gaffe came about

Alcoholic hospitality is part of the BR late night show “Ringlstetter”, if requested. After all, the guests of the presenter and cabaret artist Hannes Ringlstetter should feel so comfortable that they sometimes confess a quarrel from life that they might otherwise have kept to themselves.

With “Tagesschau” presenter Judith Rakers, it worked very well in the Thursday evening issue – alcohol (in the form of Aperol Spritz) was not only part of the game, but also the topic.

“I read somewhere, I think, that you hosted a ‘Tagesschau’ while drunk,” Ringlstetter alluded to a highly embarrassing mishap of the ARD news journalist.

It was “a mistake”, Rakers confirmed the story with a laugh. She made a mistake in the roster and almost sweated her night shift ‘Tagesschau’: ‘Judith, where are you?’ “

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Judith Rakers: “I thought that was the end of everything”

Due to a chain of coincidences, her omission was only noticed shortly before in the editorial office. The show in question was supposed to start “in nine minutes” at the time of the call, as Rakers recalled at the BR studio. “In nine minutes, how does it work?”, The host Ringlstetter was amazed. The ARD presenter: “I hope it is time-barred, then I’ll really be over such dark yellow, orange traffic lights.”

Then she stormed into the studio in front of the camera, without going through the mask, past presenter Ingo Zamperoni. The news block in the “Nachtmagazin” had been pushed to the end of the program, so it just worked out in time. Rakers: “I had this piece of paper with news in my hand, I didn’t know what it said.”

Fortunately, however, her fears, which she had endured during the drive, would not have come true: “I thought you would stand there without make-up, unprepared, babbling, and that is now the end of everything that you have built up over the years. But I totally worked at the moment. I did not read anything wrong, I spoke very calmly. You just thought: ‘But today she’s made up very naturally.’ “

Judith Rakers feeds completely from her garden

After the show she was “out of the studio under the carpet” and “personally apologized to everyone”. The 45-year-old, who was born in East Westphalia, was able to take away one positive insight from the experience: “In situations like this, you learn that you can rely on yourself.”

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Another topic of conversation between Judith Rakers and Hannes Ringlstetter, which will surely surprise many viewers: the “Tagesschau” spokeswoman is now “self-sufficient”. “For many years there was this desire to have more nature in my life,” she explained, explaining her motivation.

After moving out of her Hamburg city apartment and buying a “little house” with a garden, she finally implemented the plan. After a short time she was able to feed herself completely on what she planted in the garden. Rakers laughs: “Of course I buy the things that don’t grow there. Toothpaste, for example. “(Tsch)

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