The two trips to the ship, the packages and the call to the mother: the investigation always focused on Gimeno’s patricide

The discovery this Thursday of Olivia’s lifeless body, the six-year-old girl disappeared along with his sister, Anna, one year, on April 27, confirms the worst outcome for the case. Authorities are now focused on finding traces of the sister and father, Tomás Gimeno.

The investigations also focus on know the details of the murder. In the absence of the investigation to find more details, the agents work with the data that they have so far.

The key may be in the recordings recorded by the cameras of the marina of the Marina de Santa Cruz, which captured the two exits that Gimeno made the night of the disappearance.

Two port exits

The girls disappeared on last April 27. That day, as agreed, Gimeno took charge of them at 5:00 p.m., after picking them up from school. He took Olivia to classes near the port and then took them to a house he had for rent in Igueste de Candelaria.

Anna and Olivia, the missing girls in Tenerife.

Gimeno had to take that day at nine o’clock at night to Anna and Olivia back with their mother, Beatriz Zimmerman. But it did not.

According to the images, Gimeno arrived by car to the Marina at 9.30 pm. He made several trips on foot between his vehicle and his boat, called El Esquilón, to carry various packages, suitcases and bags of clothes.

Shortly before ten o’clock he left in the boat from the port and He returned around 11:30 p.m., supposedly without the packages. He got back in his car and headed to a nearby gas station, where he bought a mobile charger.

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Then he put the cell phone to charge at the watchman’s booth at the marina. It is at that moment that made several calls to Beatriz Zimmerman, the mother of the little ones. In them, he threatened not to see him or the girls again. After these calls, the mother reported the events to the authorities.

Graphic: site of discovery of Olivia's body.
Graphic: site of discovery of Olivia’s body.
Peter’s Henar

The anchor key

At 00:30 hours, Gimeno set sail for the second time. This time he did not return and the boat was found the next day abandoned off the coast of Puertito de Güimar. It was adrift, since it had no anchor.

This Thursday, researchers found the Olivia’s body, the older sister, inside a sports bag which was at the bottom of the sea, about three nautical miles from Puertito de Güimar. It was weighted down with an anchor.

Precisely, the fact that the Esquilón was missing the anchor was one of the keys that gave the Civil Guard the conviction from the beginning that the The outcome of the case was to be fatal. The mother’s environment always clung to the fact that Gimeno had taken the minors to another country, hoping to see them alive again.

According to the investigation, the trigger for this break could be the fact that Gimeno did not accept Zimmerman’s new relationship. The two had separated last summer, and she had started a relationship with another man.

The Ángeles Alvariño, the ship that looks for little Anna and Olivia

For this reason, he joined the search for oceanographic vessel Ángeles Alvariño, equipped with sonar and underwater robot, to sweep the seabed in search of any clue or trace of the girls and the father.

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After several false objects, such as the discovery of garbage bags, the search began to bear fruit last Monday, when located an oxygen bottle and a duvet cover belonging to Gimeno. Now he has located Olivia’s body, as well as another bag, inside which nothing has been found, although it will be analyzed in depth.

The moment of the deaths

The main hypothesis is that Gimeno killed the girls before leaving his homeWell, nobody saw the three of them go out together. Presumably he put their bodies in the bags and suitcases that he later loaded onto the launch.

Pedro Sánchez transfers his affection to Anna and Olivia's family.

Once on the high seas, Gimeno threw the bodies overboard, weighted down with the anchor.

It is pending to find out what happened to the body of the youngest, Anna, one year old, after another bag was found next to Olivia’s, but empty.

It is also unknown at the moment what happened to Gimeno: according to various media, the authorities believe that used his diving belt to sink into the sea. The sonar of Ángeles Alvariño continues to search the bottom of the sea in search of more evidence.


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