The siege tightens on ‘Nene’, the leader of the Dominican Don’t Play accused of murdering Miguelín at age 18

Fernando Starling, nicknamed ‘Nene’, is the only one of the six members of the Dominican Don’t Play accused of the murder of Miguelín who sits these days in the first of the three rows occupied by the defendants and their defenses. The trial, which is being followed in the Provincial Court of Madrid, seeks to determine who killed the 18-year-old, murdered at the Guadalix de la Sierra festivities in 2017. ‘Nene’ is also for the one with the most prison sentence requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and, after the session this Thursday, the one who can have more freedom, as two witnesses have accused him of having been the instigator of the victim’s death.

He, on the other hand, seems to carry it inside. In the four sessions that have been held of the trial that began on Monday, he has been calm. He barely gestures, unless there is a camera: when the graphic media entered the room the first day he was upset and decided to cover his face with a blank sheet of paper. In short, try to show before the popular jury a very different image which the two witnesses who have pointed out have described.

It was the alpha male“, one of them has pointed out that he has opted for anonymity because he is close to the Latin band. With a distorted voice, he has told how he saw ‘Nene’ that night signal another of the defendants, ‘Panda’, to that he stabbed Miguelín, who died at 7 am after receiving a stab in the chest that struck his heart. Another witness has even said that ‘Nene’ I was showing off having given the order that ended the life of the 18-year-old. And that she knew it from two friends in common.

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This has been a revolution for defenses. So much so that the lawyer Jaime Sanz from Bremond has come to ask that a new line of investigation be opened because, as he has stated, the young woman’s testimony is a revelation that completely changes the judgment, since it clears by surprise the unknown of who wielded the knife -‘Panda’- and who gave the order -‘Nene’-. The judge, however, has postponed his decision for this Friday.

‘Nene’, the sovereign

The version of the executive look was also lied in the case investigation. That is why for him the Prosecutor’s Office ask for 22 years in prison, unlike five other Dominican Don’t Play for which he requests 20, and for the seventh defendant, who can be sentenced to a sentence of up to 13 years, for allegedly participating in the homicide but not belonging to the DDP.

For this reason, and because the Public Ministry considers him the head of the gang, settled in Spain since 2004. It gives him the role of “sovereign“, as the leader is called. According to the indictment, he holds responsibility in the gang for the” production, transport and sale of drugs. “He also gives orders and is consulted by the other members of the DDP about their doubts in this matter.

In addition, the Public Ministry adds that it is asked before making “important decisions”, such as buying weapons, hiding them or committing violent acts. His police record also gives him away: since 2011, they have up to ten performances of the body against him, for aggressions, threats, usurpation of property or possession of prohibited weapons. Apart from the 22 years in prison, 10 years of probation are also requested for him.

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