The Perseverance rover starts its first trip: it will analyze the ‘Jezero’ crater of Mars

The Perseverance rover finally returns to the goal of looking for signs of life on MarsFurthermore, your presence will no longer be required during the next Ingenuity helicopter tests because it performs flights without your ‘consent’.

This means that the rover will begin its first scientific expedition in the next fourteen weeks, since will begin to explore an area of ​​four square kilometers within the ‘Jezero’ crater. The objectives of the mission are to understand the geology of the red planet, evaluate the possible vitality and find ancient signs of life through the study of rocks and sediments that will be delivered to Earth for analysis.

To carry out these goals, Perseverance will be taken to a panoramic viewpoint where you will analyze the characteristics of the crater thanks to Percy’s automatic navigation and sampling systems..

What will you analyze in the crater of Mars?

Research points to two specific areas to proceed to the analysis: the first has been named ‘Crater Floor Fractured Rough‘because it is full of craters, and the second is called’Séítah‘because it is in the middle of the sand and in the rocky milky part of Mars.

The rover came to take a 'selfie' from the red planet.

The route that the rover will take in the next 100 Martian days has already been decidedLikewise, Kevin Hand (co-leader of the project) stated in a release from NASA that “starting with the Crater Floor Fractured Rough and Séítah geological units allows us to start our exploration of Jezero from the beginning”.

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There may be difficulties along the way, as the exploration of the Séítah area has several sand dunes that could hinder the investigation. Therefore, Perseverance will navigate the boundary of the region for Percy to conduct terrain analysis.

This is the planned route of the rover to analyze the Martian terrain.
This is the planned route of the rover to analyze the Martian terrain.

Perseverance’s Next Mission

On the next trip, the rover will travel north and west of the Jezero delta region in order to analyze possible minerals from the ancient river that had Mars, could already be a great sign to show that the planet is a perfect place to live.

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