The other Tomás Gimeno: from José Bretón to the Castellón crime

Parents who kill their children or harm them to make their ex-partners suffer. Olivia’s murder at the hands of her father, Toms Gimeno, was the latest crime of gender violence

Olivia and Anna, the little girls disappeared at the hands of their father.THE WORLD

The Civil Guard always suspected the worst outcome in the case of the missing girls in Tenerife at the hands of his father. Movements of Toms Gimeno the day of their disappearance they foreshadowed the worst. It is the worst of gender violence, when a father kills or hurts his children to cause pain to his former partner.

The discovery this Thursday of the body of Olivia, the older of the two girls, has once again laid the scourge of killing your children on the table. The terrible crime of Toms Gimeno, who has not yet been found, like Anna, has been the last of a too long list.

Since 2013, they have been murdered by their fathers or their mothers’ partners or ex-partners 38 minors. That year, the minors entered the official crime statistics of gender violence. A statistic that started in 2003 with the count of murdered women, which now total 1,086.

The case of Jos Bretn

Before minors murdered by their parents entered the official statistics of crimes of gender violence, it was the case of Jos Bretn the one who brought vicarious violence to the fore. Jos Bretn he murdered his two sons, Ruth and Jos, put on the table a violence that until now had not been qualified. After an investigation full of errors, Bretón could not continue deceiving more, he had killed his children.

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Jos Bretn He was sentenced to 40 years without ever admitting that he had killed his children to kill his mother, separated from him after years of mistreatment. It was his case and the insistence and perseverance of Ruth, the mother of the two children, which led to the fact that in 2015 the minors were recognized as victims of gender violence and the mothers who were sought to harm with the death of their children as well.

The crime of Manzanares

Two years later, in 2013, the same year that minors were included in official statistics, another man shot and killed his two sons, ages 5 and 13, and then committed suicide in Real city. The crime occurred after the mother of the two children informed him that she wanted to separate.

With a weapons license, Miguel ngel Carrero AlarcnThe 45-year-old killed his two and his mother-in-law with a hunting shotgun, and subsequently took his own life. When Carrero went to the family home to commit the crime, the children’s mother was not at home. She was saved, but she was buried alive.

He threw himself out the window with his baby

It was the year 2017, Vladimir V., with a history of mistreatment, and his then wife had a strong argument in the room of the La Paz Hospital where they were. “I’ll give you where it hurts the most”she told the mother of the one-year-old baby. Then he took the baby, opened the bedroom window, and threw himself at the cow with the baby in his arms.

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The girl, who had been born prematurely, was admitted to the center’s Pediatric Service due to chronic heart disease, and had just been discharged from the hospital. The parents had come to the hospital to visit her when the argument broke out. Vladimir V. and the little girl died on the spot.

Castelln’s crime

Daughters of Itziar Prats, ages 2 and 6, were murdered by their father in Castelln on September 25, 2018. There was one month left for the divorce trial hearing. Itziar He had denounced his abuser and had requested a restraining order, but the Prosecutor did not consider the precautionary measures necessary.

The girls spent the night in the parental home, which had been the family home until the separation, within the period of coexistence with the minors that corresponded to him. Ricardo. That day Ricardo C. G., of 48 to, acuchill of dawn to mine already Martina.

He killed them and then threw himself off the top floor of his apartment block. On the ground of his street, already dead, a neighbor found him. When the Emergency Services managed to access the house, nothing could be done to mine Y Martina.

The parricide, David SO, ‘El Cartagenero’

“He killed me: he killed my son and he killed me too. He has left me dead in life”, declared Laura Hernndez to the Opinion of Murcia days after his father murdered the little boy Cristian in July 2019 in the town of Beniel.

David SO, known as ‘El Cartagenero’ had to return Cristian to his mother. He never did. The mother reported that the father had not given her the child. When the police arrived at David’s house, they could do nothing: the man had murdered his son and hanged himself after.

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David ‘El Cartagenero’ had a conviction for a crime of coercion of his former partner and had a restraining order that did not allow him to approach her. An order that went bankrupt in June of that year, but he never got into prison. A month later she took her son away, as there was nothing but a restraining order for the mother, and killed him.

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