The key moments of Lady Di’s funeral: from Diana’s dress to Queen Elizabeth’s bow

  • At her death, Diana of Wales had become a benchmark.

  • His funeral was followed by more than 32 million people, who watched everything that happened.

  • Although there were several details of the moment that went unnoticed.

On August 31, it will be 24 years since Lady Di passed away in a fatal car accident. Already at that time, the young woman had become a reference for her generation, who looked at her with the eyes of a heroine, from a person without any kind of fear and who had rebelled against the established. A brave attitude that was highly applauded, but one that also won detractors, especially inside Buckingham Palace.

His death had a great impact on society around the world, especially after his controversial divorce with the Prince of Wales and his famous television interviews talking about everything that happened in the British royal family. Probably, amid all the chaos, of what little that made him put his feet on the ground were his two sons: William and Harry. It was they who starred in an iconic, but devastating, image at their mother’s funeral, where they were accompanying the coffin and could not lift their gaze from the ground, broken with pain.

Diana died in a fatal car accident in the summer of 1997

The funeral de Lady Di it became one of the most followed events. One of the people who were most fond of the English had left. But, How did the funeral happen? Diana Spencer passed away on August 31, 1997 in a car accident; Specifically, the young woman was leaving her hotel, Paris, together with her boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed. When they were passing through a tunnel, and while the press was chasing them, the car they were in crashed into a column. Only the driver survived.

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There have been many speculations about how the fatal accident occurred, but experts pointed out that it was a speeding event. It was on September 6 of that same year when the funeral in honor of Diana. On that London gray Saturday, Diana’s body was taken from Kensington Palace to Hyde Park and then to St. James’s Palace.

William and Harry participated in the funeral procession

The entourage consisted of Prince Philip, Charles, Charles Spencer, William, and Harry.

Throughout the journey she was accompanied by a retinue led by Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, by Prince Charles and by their sons, William and Harry, who were very young at that time. As the two young men recounted, some time later, it had been one of the most complicated moments of their lives. They did it because his uncle, Charles, had asked him to do so, who later admitted that he had regretted it and that it seemed to him something “Grotesque and cruel”. In addition, with the passage of time, it was published that the coffin was empty and that the act had been prepared only as a public act. Diana was said to have been cremated and buried in the crypt of the Church of Santa Maria.

Elizabeth II bowed to the coffin to reconcile with the British

Elizabeth II bowed as Lady Di's coffin passed by.

One of the most criticized aspects in the days after Lady Di’s death had been the queen’s silence. Isabel II he hadn’t spoken, something his son had done. Although the monarch wanted to make a gesture of cordiality and understanding when she made a bowing as he passed the coffin in front of Buckingham Palace, a gesture that helped her reconcile with the people.

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The Spanish royal house did not attend the funeral

Nicole Kidman attended the funeral with Tom Cruise.

The ceremony featured the voice of Elton John and with the presence of an infinity of faces known as Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Donatella Versace or Nelson Mandela. One of the things that attracted the most attention was the absence of the Spanish royal house. It is true that her presence was not mandatory, since Diana did not belong to the British royal house. Still, other royals did show up, like Princess Margaret or Noor of Jordan.

There were dozens of blackouts

Thus, the event paralyzed the city of London and more than a million people came to witness the funeral procession. Due to this, the health services treated dozens of fainting. Through television he was followed by more than 32 million people and for more than two million globally.

Diana was buried in a Catherine Walker dress

Diana was buried in a dress by one of her leading designers, Catherine Walker.

Another curiosity, they say, is that Diana’s body was buried with a long black dress designed by Catherine Walker, one of its head designers. Now Diana is buried in Althorp, where the Spencer family have their residence, in Northhampshire, England. The residence has an artificial length with an island on which his remains rest. Between July and September the public can visit the monument, but the island is not accessible.


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